Last year’s pink is this year’s blorange. Ombré has given way to a more subtle root show, and Hollywood’s edgiest women are taking it all off. These are some of the hair trends you’ll see everywhere this summer. They range from major styling skills (like deft braiding ability) to next to no effort (make a deep side part and you’re done).

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icy blonde los angeles spring hair styles

Icy Blonde

Super-light highlights can give depth to wheat-colored blondes, and a solid platinum tone is the new honey blonde.

melted highlights los angeles spring hair styles

Melted Highlights

The trend is moving away from severe dark-to-light ombréd hair to a more gradual and natural-looking fade. Colorists achieve the effect by using multiple dyes and toners.

blorange los angeles spring hair styles


This faded pink on golden blonde can range from super bright to pastel. It’s a little tougher-looking than last year’s baby pink.

bronde hair trends chicago1

Golden Bronde

It’s such a dark blonde, it’s not even blonde anymore. But this cool-toned brown has oodles of depth so that it looks thick and healthy.

pixie cut los angeles spring hair styles

The Pixie Cut

Michelle Williams started it, Kristen Stewart turned up the heat and now Katy Perry’s gone all in. For when you want to say, Yes, my eyes and cheekbones really are this good. Or even just, Truth: I am out of f---s to give about styling.

choppy blunt cut los angeles spring hair styles
Cassandra Hannagan/Getty Images

The Choppy Blunt Cut

It’s the sexy stepsister of last year’s lob. The jagged layers at the very ends make a chunky little hair curtain that’s bouncy and youthful.

high ponytail los angeles spring hair styles

The High Pony

This style is so L.A., because you can wear it from boot camp in Griffith Park to dinner at Kismet. Just give your mane a little back tease.

messy braids los angeles spring hair styles

Messy Braids

You know the loose buns you saw all over the runways? Well, this is the festival season version of those; basically, they are braids that are one part GoT, one part bedhead.

side flip los angeles spring hair styles

The Side Flip

It’s way more flattering than a center part. And the literal easiest way to update your ’do.

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