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Where our beauty routine is concerned, we’re creatures of habit. We know what works and we rarely stray. The same can’t be said for beauty Instagrammers, who are constantly dreaming up new things to do to their faces. Sometimes the end result is gorgeous, but sometimes it’s a little kooky for our taste. The following 14 ladies get an A-plus for creativity, even if we’d never (ever) follow their lead.

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Nutella Facials

Just us, or does this seem like kind of a waste of a perfectly good (read: delicious) jar of Nutella?

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Glitter Roots

This photo was taken 79 weeks ago: How much do you want to bet this gal still finds sparkles on her pillow?

Glitter Eyebrows

It's like a kids' art project...on your face.

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Dragon Brows

We love Game of Thrones as much as the next person, but this is excessive.

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Elaborate Eyelid Art

All the respect to anyone with the talent and patience to use their eyes as an actual canvas. We’re currently focused on getting our kitten eye even.

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Elaborate Lip Art

Seems like there are easier ways to show your love for your city than to leave a print of the Golden Gate Bridge on your partner's cheek. 

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Fake Freckles

Work what your mama gave you. Or, work what she didn’t give you and then make that thing a weird color because why the hell not?

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Glow-in-the-Dark Hair

TBH we already have enough trouble getting a good night's sleep.

Leg Contouring

And here we are considering remembering to shave a major win.

Holographic Hair

"Trippy" isn't typically a word we want associated with our look. 

Crown Lids

But what does it look like when your eyes are open?

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Blending Your Makeup With Anything But a Beauty Blender

Like, ya know, a condom…

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Unicorn Liner

Please. Stop. With. The. Unicorn. Thing. (We beg of you, Internet.)

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