Our beauty motto: Work smarter, not harder. That’s why we pulled together seven genius tricks that repair everything from your lashes to your hair while you snooze.

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Apply Dry Shampoo to Hair

Since your scalp produces oil while you sleep, spritzing on dry shampoo before bed is an excellent preventative measure so you wake up with hair that looks (and smells) fresh.

Dove ($4)

Bite Beauty

Layer on a Lip Mask

After you’ve used a towel to slough off any dead flakes, apply a soothing mask to your lips before lights-out. It can make the difference between supple and chapped.

Bite Beauty ($26)


Dab on Chilled Eye Cream

Nope, it’s not an old wives’ tale. Stashing your eye cream in the fridge increases its effectiveness. It’s almost like a cold compress that cures puffiness and reduces dark circles.

Clinique ($27) 

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Apply Vaseline to Your Heels

Just slather it on and cover your feet with a pair of cotton socks. In the morning—voilą!—you’llwake up to significantly softer soles. 

Vaseline ($5)

La Tourangelle

Put Grapeseed Oil on Your Lashes

All you need is a clean mascara wand (a cotton swab will also work in a pinch). Dip it into the grapeseed oil and gently wiggle it through your lashes before bed. The result? Thicker—and less brittle—lashes. Huzzah!

La Tourangelle ($10)

Dr. Jart+

Massage Aloe Vera Into Split Ends

Running a dime-size drop through your strands is all it takes to nourish and condition dry locks while you snooze.

Dr. Jart+ ($32)


Run Your Humidifier

It’s the best overnight (and product-free) defense against dry skin. Trust us. 

Vicks ($30)

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