We Put Blur Spray to the Test (and It’s Saving Our Face This Summer)

Remember when we told you about blur cream earlier this year? Well, now Milk Makeup has a blur spray—which, like its predecessor, promises to soften the appearance of pores but also set your makeup and keep shine away. So does it really work? 

Let me start by saying that I have mixed feelings about setting sprays. I like the idea of them, but space is a luxury that I don’t have much of in my hobbit hole of an apartment and setting sprays feel like unnecessary clutter. Though skeptical, I lugged the little bottle home for a test-drive anyway. Two weeks later, it’s still in my makeup bag. Here’s why I like it.

For starters, it feels really refreshing when you mist it onto your face—especially on a 90-degree day. There’s a faint hint of menthol that perks you right up in the morning, but it’s really the blend of ingredients like dimethicone (which is often used in makeup primers to smooth over pores and fine lines) that does all the face-prepping work.

Now, all of this is great, but the reason why the stuff is still in my (very minimal) makeup bag (honestly, I have no more than five products in there right now) is because of how it makes my skin look. My usually shiny forehead and is nice and matte now. More importantly, it stays that way throughout the day. Plus, I find that my makeup isn’t sliding around (and subsequently smudging) on my face anymore.

Milk Makeup may be widely known as a trendy brand for millennials, but it’s got lasting power with us grown women, too. Between the blur stick and this spray, I’m set for the summer.

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