Put Away the Baby Powder—We’ve Found the Real Cure for Summer Chafing
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Thigh chafing does not discriminate, y’all. You can be 5’10’’ with muscular thighs or 4’9’’ with chicken legs and still get that god-awful skin rubbing as soon as the weather turns warm. And though we’ve managed to find some pretty helpful DIY solutions in the past, I’m happy to report that there is finally a product to address this specific issue.  

Enter MegaBabe Thigh Rescue, the brainchild of Katie Sturino (whom you may know from the fashion blog The 12ish Style). Thigh Rescue, as it's so aptly named, is a godsend for anyone who has ever slapped baby powder on their inner thighs and hoped for the best—only to still come home red, sore and maybe even bleeding. 

The sleek stick looks, feels and smells like deodorant, and you apply it in the same way, too. Swipe it onto clean skin and go about your business. 

Beyond its dermis-protecting superpowers, the stick's ingredients are hydrating and non-toxic (oddly comforting given where we apply the stuff). Think more soothing plant extracts like aloe and grapeseed oil and less chemicals like aluminum. 

I received a small sample of the balm a few weeks ago and have been using it every single day right after showering. It's so lightweight that you don't feel like you have anything on, and there is no chalky residue to ruin your clothes.

It officially launches on June 23—until then, I'll be carefully rationing the last remaining bits of my sample. I'll never wear a sundress again without it. 

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