Kristin Ess Answered Some of Your Biggest Hair Questions (and Just Launched 25 New Products)

In a sea of haircare brands, it’s hard to stand out, but Kristin Ess’ robust line of products has quickly become a go-to for many of our best-coiffed (and most discerning) friends. Think: Salon quality formulas and elevated packaging that you’ll be happy to see in your shower—all at Target prices.

As of this morning, she’s added 25 new products to her line—including a curl collection, five new shades of hair gloss and a titanium 2-inch curling iron that gives you the perfect barely-there bend she’s known for creating on her celebrity clients. And in celebration of the new launches, we hopped on the phone with her to answer some of your biggest hair questions.

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How Do You Perk Up A Limp Ponytail?

“You can do this in three ways. To get more volume without using any heat, I like to do something called a fun bun, which is similar to a chignon that sits on top of your head. Keep the bun in for a couple hours to add subtle waves to your ponytail. You can also take a 1-inch or 1 1/4-inch curling iron and wrap a few pieces of your ponytail around it to give it a bit of bend. And last but not least, if you’re looking for the fastest solution, I recommend a few, quick spritzes of texturizing powder throughout the tail,” explains Ess.

Does Washing My Hair In Cold Water Actually Make A Difference?

According to Ess: “Yes, hot water encourages the cuticle to open, which can make it more prone to frizz, while cold water encourages it to close, which makes it smoother and shiner. And if the idea of washing your hair with cold water sounds awful to you, fill a spray bottle up with cold water and mist it liberally over your hair to get a similar effect.”

How Do I Get Rid Of Static Cling During The Winter?

“Step one is making sure that your hair is well-conditioned because dry hair equals more static. Next, it’s all about using the right styling product for your texture. If you have thicker hair, massage the tiniest bit of balm into your palms and run them over the top of your head to get rid of static. If you have finer hair, I like to spritz a little leave-in conditioner onto a brush and run it through,” Ess tells PureWow.

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