How to Care for Blonde Hair: From Brassiness to Breakage

Fact: Blonde hair (both natural or dyed) has many eye-catching perks, but with those perks come a few...let’s just call them areas of improvement. Whether you’re dealing with brass or breakage, a few easy tweaks to your routine can drastically improve the tone and quality of your strands. Here, five common issues and their surprisingly simple solutions.

blonde hair limp roots
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1. If You Have Limp Roots: Make Sure To Double-cleanse

Blonde hair tends to be a bit finer than most others, and fine hair tends to, well, droop. Don’t let that little factoid bring you down though. A thorough double-cleanse of your scalp (that’s shampooing twice, like they do at the salon) and keeping any conditioners or styling products far away from your roots will ensure they stay fresh and buoyant.

blonde hair brassiness
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2. If You Have Brassiness: Try A Purple Shampoo

Brass, aka public enemy number one for blondes: When you start to see those unwanted orange tones creeping in, it’s time for John Frieda® Sheer Blonde® Violet Crush™ Shampoo. With cool violet and blue pigments, it will quickly neutralize any brassy hues as you lather up. Follow up with some John Frieda® Sheer Blonde® Violet Crush™ Conditioner for the brightest results. (Remember: Use it everywhere but your roots.)

blonde hair heat protect
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3. If You Have Fading: Back Away From The Styling Tools

Lay off the heat—all forms of it. Too much UV exposure or heat styling will not only weaken strands and make them more susceptible to breakage, but direct heat also opens up the outer cuticle of your hair and causes color to slowly leach out. Two easy ways to prevent this from happening? Rock a wide-brimmed hat whenever you’re outdoors, and swap the flatironing for a tousled style instead.

blonde hair frayed ends
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4. If You Have Frayed Ends: Book A Trim

Fact: The only way to fix frayed ends for good is to trim them off. And if the thought of losing length concerns you, consider the fact that frayed ends travel upward. A half-inch trim now can save you from further damage (and having to cut off more hair later).

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5. If You Have Breakage: Apply A Repairing Mask

You’ll need a strengthening mask, stat. The John Frieda® Sheer Blonde® Go Blonder® Lemon Miracle™ Masque contains BlondeMend technology and lemon oil, which will help fill in any porous or weakened areas with protein so your hair is stronger, smoother and less likely to snap. Bonus: Smoother hair reflects light better so it will look shinier, too.

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