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Bored with your taupe shadow? Us too. Which is why we’re excited that some of our favorite trendsetters have been rocking other colors lately—specifically, shades of yellow. Yes, yellow. It can be sheered out, layered with other hues or worn as its own pop of color. Either way, the sunny shade will brighten up your fall looks, even well into the holidays. Here’s how to pull it off like a pro.

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Bryan R. Smith/Getty Images

Find Your Shade

Yellow runs quite a spectrum. Find the right shade and it will blend beautifully with your complexion. If you have fair skin, try a buttery pastel. For medium to olive tones, try a warm amber. And for darker skin tones, something with a more golden finish is extra flattering.

Venturelli/Getty Images

Stick to Similar Colors Everywhere Else

We’re big fans of monochromatic makeup. (That is, wearing one shade—or very similar ones— all over your face.) Emily’s amber smoky eye, lightly bronzed cheeks and tawny lips are just another example of how this trend really works.

Karwai Tang/Getty Images

Or Introduce One Other Color

Fact: You can never go wrong with a wash of peach or pink. The soft shade brings out your other features (and warms up your complexion) without competing with your statement eyes.

Anchor the Shade

No matter what type of yellow you wear, make sure to frame it with some liner and mascara.

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Match Textures

Shiny lids meet shiny lips. A touch of gloss on your pout complements your gilded lids for an overall glow like Drew here.

Play With Placement

Another way to ease into wearing the shade is to just use it as an accent. Try putting the tiniest dab of a shimmery gold just along the inner corners of your eyes to open them up instantly.

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Go Full Out

Or heck, just fully commit to the hue. Even at its absolute brightest, yellow is still a soft color. (And if the model above doesn’t convince you, maybe Beyoncé will.)

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