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Search #nailart on Instagram and good luck not getting sucked into 38 million photos for a solid three hours. The trend is bigger than ever, but you don’t have to shell out mega bucks for an Insta-worthy design. We found seven options that you can easily do on yourself (and don’t need a fine arts degree to master).

Freehand Dots

As if we needed another reason to adore bobby pins.

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Easy V’s

Two lines, understated colors, can’t lose.

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Dots and Lines

And when you can’t choose, we present you this double whammy.

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Dipped Tips

Grab some tape and you’ve got the simplest negative-space mani ever.

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Diagonal Colorblocking

Put your new tape skills into play, after choosing two complementary hues.

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Square Accents

The only time we don’t mind using geometry as adults.

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Accent Nails

Don’t trust your shaky hands? We promise you can do this one.

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