One recent morning I was lying in bed, still half-asleep and scrolling through my Instagram feed (because apparently that’s what we all do now). Amid the pretty flat-lays of other people’s coffees and plenty of cute dogs, there I saw it: melting lip powder, a tube of seemingly colored chalk that claims to morph into lipstick. 

As an admitted lipstick fiend, I knew I needed to try the stuff out for myself. The brand, Cle Cosmetics, is still relatively under the radar, and the lip powders are often sold out, so it required a little extra sleuthing on my end to track down samples. But I’ve been known to troll eBay listings for limited-edition Chanel nail polishes (Google Image search “Jade”) and designer MAC collections (two words: Proenza Schouler) so…situation handled. 

On that note: The brand has since restocked inventory on its site and is now available at Anthropologie and Free People as well, so you don’t have to get all Nancy Drew like I did to find them. 

After much hemming and hawing, I opted for two shades: Red Cherry (which is more like a cool coral) and Ultra Summer (a bright melon) since I find that it’s much easier to go bold on the lips and keep everything else as light as possible during the summer months. As for the application, you swipe the wand on just like you would a gloss and the tiny, little powder pigments instantly melt on your lips. Also, I might be imagining this, but I swear there’s a slight cooling sensation when this happens. (At the very least, it certainly is a cool sensation.)

The thing that surprised me the most about the lip powders is that they’re not messy to use (as you’d expect from something that’s, um, powdery) and they’re incredibly versatile. I’ve been dabbing both shades on my cheeks and eyelids, too.

And that cooling sensation? It never stops being exciting. I get a little giddy every time I use it—which might be reason enough to try it out yourself. Happiness comes in all shapes and sizes, even in lipsticks.

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