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To be considered a “beauty breakthrough,” a product has to, first, excite us from the moment we see it. (Must. Try. Now.) But to really earn the accolade, it also has to make our lives better, easier and a little more beautiful. That’s a tall order—we know—but these seven picks exceeded our expectations.

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Light Therapy Mask

Laser treatments are undoubtedly the gold standard in combatting acne and scarring. But they aren’t exactly cheap—which is what makes this drugstore mask such a game changer. For $30 you get the same skin-clearing benefits of an in-office procedure (LED lights and all), without ever having to leave your couch. If only we had this when we were in high school...

Neutrogena ($30)

False Lash Applicator

Why is it that every time we go to apply false lashes, the damn glue sticks to everything but our eyelids? One blink and the whole strip goes awry. The experience used to stress us out until we came across this nifty little dispenser that negates the need for tweezers—or finicky strips, for that matter. Each one comes preloaded with small (read: natural-looking) clusters of lashes that feel light as a feather on.

Flirt Cosmetics ($28)

Cat-Eyeliner Stamp

Come to think of it, 2017 was a great year for beauty. Brands finally took note of our daily grievances and decided to create products to address them. Case in point: an eyeliner stamp. Getting the flick even on both sides used to be a near-impossible task. Now it’s elementary. Seriously, a first-grader (OK, a first-grader who colors within the lines) could wield this rubber stamp to cat-eyed perfection. 

The Vamp Stamp ($25)

dry shampoo sheets list
Nunzio Saviano; Background: Anagram/Getty Images

Dry Shampoo Blotting Sheets

You know that moment when you tip overboard on the dry shampoo? Yeah, no coming back from that. With dry shampoo blotting sheets it’s no longer an issue. Each highly absorbent paper soaks up extra oil along the hairline and roots, while leaving behind a trail of perfume and volumizing rice starch that you brush through for even distribution.

Nunzio Saviano ($24)

Paint-On Perfume

No more spills or over-spraying ever again. The new way to apply your perfume is to paint it directly onto your skin. Just click the bottom of the brush to dispense a clear, fast-drying gel fragrance and sweep it on wherever you need freshening up.

Jo Loves ($55)

Foam Conditioner

This conditioner defies gravity. OK, not quite, but it certainly comes close. With a whipped texture, it looks and feels like shaving cream or mousse—and it dissipates just as quickly once the water hits it. If you’ve been looking for a lightweight styling option, you’ll love how much easier it is to run a brush through your hair and how smooth of a finish you get when dried.

Pantene Pro-V ($7)

Hair Dryer and Styler

Thank you, Revlon, for making it possible to (finally) master the at-home blowout. With a ceramic-coated chamber that splits open (sort of like a flat iron), it quickly dries each section of hair from both sides. Less dry time equals less damage and ceramic plates ensure the type of glossy finish that’s typically reserved for salons.

Revlon ($50)

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