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The 3-Step Guide to Post-Workout Hair


As much as we’d love this excuse to be true, preserving your blowout is no reason to skip a workout. Here’s what to do when your head’s dripping, but you don't have time to shampoo and start from scratch.

1. Whip Out the Dry Shampoo
Even if your hair is slightly wet, spray your roots with a little volumizing dry shampoo. Klorane’s formula actually controls oil production to degrease long after you’ve applied, but Dove Refresh + Care Dry Shampoo is a close second (basically made for reviving blowouts).

2. Hit Your Roots with a Blow-Dryer
Turn up the heat and concentrate air at the nape of your neck, then around the hairline for three to five minutes. Contrary to what you may think, the heat actually works to wick away sweat. To reignite some volume, lift your hair at the roots with your fingers and tousle as you go.

3. Work in Product (and Don’t Fight It)
When hair is almost (but not totally) dry, work a drop of styling cream throughout, avoiding your roots and concentrating on the strands that frame your face. Continue to blast with heat from the dryer as you tousle. Word to the wise: This is not the time to go for the pin-straight look. You've likely got some unavoidable frizz, so you're better off going for a more wavy, textured look. Once hair is dry, twist around your fingers and use a tiny drop of serum to set.


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