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You’ve heard the tip about turning the shower dial from hot to cold after you shampoo and condition. You know, to boost shine, but brrrrr, it never feels worth it.

That’s why we were stoked to discover this new subzero flat iron--called the Inverse Hair Conditioning System--that promises to seal in hydration, minus any icy shower shock.

Here’s how it works: Basically, you store the flat iron (well, the removable straightening plates) in your freezer for about two hours before you need to use it. Then, after you’ve showered and shampooed, spritz your hair with the brand’s leave-in conditioner before running your towel-dried hair through the chilled clamps (called “ice cores”).

When you’re done, dry and style your hair as you usually would. The frozen plates have already worked their magic so hair preemptively looks shiny and acts way more manageable. Huzzah!

One teeny-tiny bit of bad news, though: Right now, this beauty tool is sold only in Australia and New Zealand, but our fingers and toes and frizzy hairs are crossed that it'll start shipping stateside soon.

Opening image: Stuff New Zealand

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