Let's get real for a second: No one has all the answers for crow's feet. But there is a way to be smart about how you approach your antiaging game. Namely, don’t fall for these seven common untruths.

wrinkle myths 1

Myth: Genetics is the main cause of wrinkles

Truth: That number-one honor belongs to the sun. Heredity can still be a slight factor, but it really comes down to how much UV exposure you subject your skin to. (Sunscreen is your friend.)

wrinkle myths 2

Myth: People with oily skin get fewer wrinkles

Truth: It's possible we're just telling ourselves that to make up for frequent pimple-patch usage. There's no definitive evidence either way. If you are on the oily side of the spectrum, though, it's OK to go lighter in products on some areas (say, the chin versus the under-eye area, where you do still need moisture).

wrinkle myths 6

Myth: The more you use anti-wrinkle products, the faster you'll see results

Truth: While you might be tempted to slather on aggressive amounts of heavy creams, the effectiveness goes only so far. In addition to being unnecessarily costly, it also puts you at risk of unwanted side effects like redness, irritation and flaking.

wrinkle myths 4

Myth: Once you see improvement, you can stop using anti-wrinkle products

Truth: Nothing is an immediate, or permanent, fix. The key to keeping fine lines at bay is a continuous routine. (So get that good cream out of the trash.)

wrinkle myths 5

Myth: Once you find something that works, you should stick with it

Truth: While you should adhere to some kind of routine, it's also a good idea to switch up your regimen from time to time. Our skin changes as we age, so what works now might not in the future. On top of that, new products constantly enter the market with more effective methods and ingredients.

beauty myths expensive

Myth: The more a product costs, the better it works

Truth: Everything has to do with the concentration and chemistry of the ingredients. Doing a little advance research is always a good idea. (You might be surprised by some drugstore options.)

wrinkle myths 7

Myth: If you don't smile, you won't get wrinkles

Truth: If you ask Kim Kardashian, she'd say you should never smile. (Shocker.) Once you let the general ridiculousness of that sink in, know that all facial expressions cause some degree of unavoidable wear and tear on the skin. But bringing it all home: It doesn't hold a candle to simple SPF protection.

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