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I Tried Mindful Zebra’s Sleep Bath to Cure My Insomnia and Here’s What Happened
Mindful Zebra

Sleeping is one of my top three favorite things on earth (along with peanut butter cups and 30 Rock reruns). But sadly, sleep just isn’t that into me. And as much as I’d love eight whole hours of sweet, sweet slumber, I’m not willing to take any prescription medication to achieve it. So I decided to give Mindful Zebra’s new Sleep Lavender Salt Bath ($36), a totally natural remedy, a whirl.

The pleasantly pink concoction is a mixture of Dead Sea salt, Himalayan salt and frankincense and lavender essential oils. Just shake a few tablespoons into your bathtub as you’re filling it up, mix until the salt dissolves, hop in and soak until you feel fully relaxed.

As the bathtub filled with water, I could smell the scent of the essential oils—but unfortunately, by the time I got into the tub, the relaxing scent had dissipated. I added more of the pink crystals, but the scent went away again within a few seconds. Oh, well. I soaked for 15 minutes, emerged feeling like Jell-O, then got into bed. Within ten minutes, I was asleep and stayed asleep until my alarm rang at 7. 

Could soaking in the tub without the Sleep bath been just as effective? Possibly. Do I wish the scent of the essential oils were a tiny bit stronger? Definitely. But did I sleep like a rock for eight whole hours? Why yes. Yes, I did.

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