Can’t Sleep? Do the Opposite of What You Think

Why is it that whenever we have an important meeting at work or a really early flight to catch in the morning, we can’t—for the life of us—fall asleep?

Usually when this happens (and it always does), our plan of attack goes something like this: Toss, turn, slip on an eye mask, count sheep and repeat until we doze off…three hours later. But according to this study from the University of Glasgow, doing the exact opposite (i.e., forcing yourself to keep your eyes open) could help you get drowsy faster.

This is because sleep is an “involuntary physiological process,” meaning it can’t really be controlled by those aforementioned efforts. So by forcing yourself to sleep, you could actually be keeping yourself awake. Instead, lie down, keep your eyes open for a few minutes and stop stressing about the fact that you’re not already snoozing. The more you chill out about it, the faster it will happen on its own. 

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