Mariah Carey Called Meghan Markle ‘Diva’ on Podcast (Spoiler: She Was Referring to Her ‘Fabulousness’)

Meghan Markle was practically rendered speechless by Mariah Carey, who implied that the royal is a “diva.”

The Duchess of Sussex just released a brand-new episode of her podcast, Archetypes, which featured the singer as a special guest. In the installment, the pair addressed the “complexities surrounding the word diva” and how it’s often misunderstood.

Markle began by sharing her opinion on the term. “I think that’s really important for people to remember that there might be this persona, and yes, the diva thing, we can play into,” she said. “It’s not something I connect to.”

Carey immediately chimed in to call Markle’s bluff, saying, “You give us diva moments sometimes, Meghan, don’t even act like.”

Surprised, Markle responded, “What kind of diva moments do I give you?”

Carey explained that being a diva has nothing to do with one’s attitude and everything to do with how one presents herself. “It’s the visual. A lot of it is the look,” the singer explained. “Let’s pretend that you weren’t so beautiful and didn’t have the whole thing, and didn’t often have gorgeous ensembles, you wouldn’t maybe get as much diva.”

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Later in the podcast, Markle explained that it took her a moment to realize that Carey wasn’t dissing her but complimenting her. The conversation made her realize how the word can be interpreted in both negative and positive ways.

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“[Carey] must have felt my nervous laughter, and you would’ve all heard it too,” Markle said. “And she jumped straight in to make sure I was crystal clear when she said diva, she was talking about the way that I dress, the posture, the clothing, the quote, unquote fabulousness, as she sees it.”

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Cheers to setting the record straight.

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