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The Best Mattress Types for Side Sleepers (and Every Other Kind of Sleeper)

You’ve counted sheep, sipped on chamomile tea and fluffed all of your pillows to their highest potential. And yet, you still can’t catch enough shut-eye. Let us ask two very important questions. First, is your mattress more than eight years old? Turns out, most mattresses will have lost much of their original comfort and support by then. Second, what type of sleeper are you? Mattresses are not one-size-fits-all. In fact, there’s a certain mattress for nearly any type of sleeper, whether you snooze on your stomach, side or back. Now that you’re armed with the facts, take a look at our guide to (hopefully) solve your insomnia once and for all.

Side Sleeper

Avoid aches and pains with a pillowed mattress

side sleeper large image best mattresses Bed Bath & Beyond 

Since there’s pressure on your shoulders and hips when you lie on the side, look for a pillow top bed that allows your joints to sink in gently without being too soft to lose a straight alignment in your spine.

Bed Bath & Bath

Safavieh ($307)

sealy posturepedic best mattresses side sleeper

BeautyRest ($1,599)

Serta ($1,100)

Back Sleeper

Warning: Stay away from anything too plush

back sleeper loom and leaf best mattresses Loom and Leaf 

While a pretty safe bet for comfort throughout the night, lying this way can still cause some issues for your lower back if you're not careful. Avoid a stiff spring mattress—since they don’t allow for your spine to curve naturally—and be sure not to go too soft since that won’t give enough support. A medium-firm mattress is your best bet.

Wolf ($801)

Loom and Leaf

Loom and Leaf ($1,099)

Bed Bath & Beyond

BeautyRest ($800)

Stomach Sleeper

Requires a firmer mattress than you might think

serta stomach sleeper best mattresses Serta 

Probably the most comfortable way to sleep (in our humble and biased opinion), sleeping on your front side actually requires a decently firm mattress. Since your lower back is more susceptible to pain this way, you want to stay as evenly flat as possible to minimize any sunken hips or chest that would mess with alignment.


Sealy ($1,271)


Spring Air ($625)

Serta ($650)

Purple ($999)


Take liberties where you please

casper best mattresses hero Casper 

If you’re more of a toss and turn kind of sleeper—don’t worry, most are—you may find that foam mattresses are the ideal choice. But try taking some notes when spending the night at a hotel or friends’ places to see which makes you feel best, before jumping into a big purchase.


Casper ($950)

Bed Bath & Beyond

Cariloha ($1,100)