You want to try a sweet shade called “Honeysuckle Morning” in your powder room. But you’re hesitant to paint a patch right there on the wall. (You have commitment issues, OK?) Here’s a nifty, non-permanent way to test-drive a handful of colors.

What you need: Paint samples, painter’s tape, a small foam paint roller anda few pieces of letter-size white foam board (assuming you'll be priming your walls before painting them).

What you do: Use the foam roller to apply a paint sample to each board. Letthe boards dry thoroughly and then paint on a second coat. Choose a wall that gets a lot of natural light and affix the boards to it with painter’s tape.Observe and even take photos throughout the day to get a true sense of how the shades will look IRL.

But what if I’m not going to prime? Use clear laminate sheets (available at office supply stores) to get the effect of an unprimed wall.

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