There’s nothing you’re looking forward to more than dangling your legs in your new saltwater pool. But flashbacks of your neighbor’s kids doing cannonballs off your diving board have made you think twice about throwing a party. Luckily, there are ways of entertaining poolside that are a little more adult. Take a peek at our list and prep your backyard accordingly.

Invitations That Won't Get Lost in the Mail

Spending money on paper invitations should be reserved for weddings, graduations and bat mitzvahs. For everything else, send your cute little cards the technologically savvy way through Paperless Post. Choose from a selection of playful patterns and designs, upload your recipients’ email addresses and wait for the responses to roll in. (So much better than harassing people via group text.)

Paperless Post (prices vary)

Wine Slushie Cocktails

Rosé is all well and good (heck, it’s more than just good). But you know what makes it even better? When you freeze it into ice cubes and blend it up with a touch of Belvoir Elderflower & Rose Lemonade. Serve with a sprig of lavender and sip into your happy place.

Get the recipe.


As much as we like to think that we’re the type to bust out our nice dishes for the next neighborhood gathering, we just can’t really deal with the idea of washing it later. To make up for it, we’re reaching for the new Designlovefest for Cheeky collab featuring paint-splattered paper plates and polka-dotted plastic cups that are just too damn cute. You can bet they’ll make it into a few Instas.

Designlovefest for Cheeky at Target (prices vary)

A Cover-Up That Doubles As a Dress

Summer pool parties are all no-fuss and easy-breezy--until you realize that you’ll be mingling among a your bathing suit. Here’s how to make a splash (with nary a flash): ​​Try an off-the-shoulder shift dress that’s airy enough to keep you cool but keeps everything covered. Add a ​cheeky beach bag and some fringed sandals ​and you’ll be good to go.

LemLem minidress ($310), Word Bags ($110), Charlotte Stone fringed mules ($310)

A Floating Pool Tray

For those who do wish to enter into the deep end, fashion a raft for food, drinks, magazines or summer reads. But proceed at your own risk--your guests may never (ever) leave.

Get the instructions.

At Least One Game for All Ages

Nothing brings a crowd together like an old-fashioned game of Jenga. This time, raise the stakes (quite literally) with this oversized version.

Redwood Games ($160)

An Accessory for Your Little Body of Water

In theory, the high point of a pool party is when everyone jumps into the water. But if no one is brave enough to dunk more than their toes, at least you can have this guy floating by the revelers.

FunBoy pool float ($79)

Jams You Can Hear...Underwater

There’s nothing worse than a dinky speaker that you can only hear from three feet away. Toss a few of these floaty guys into the water, sync up your Spotify account using Bluetooth and you’ll be able to hear Rihanna from the deck to the bottom of the pool.

Blackweb ($35)

Plenty of Sunscreen and Extra Towels

Your guests will appreciate feeling like they?re at a five-star resort.

Supergoop sunscreen ($48), CocoDune towel ($52)

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