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Amidst all the chaos of the holidays, a clear, well-thought-out space is crucial to our sanity. Here, the 11 best (and most efficient) organizing tips we learned this year. Consider it an early Christmas gift from us.

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Separate Your Closet By Occasion

You know, instead of by color or by item (pants with pants, skirts with skirts, etc.) This way you have a designated spot for office-ready ensembles and another for weekend brunch plans.

one hook

Put a Hook on the Front of Your Closet

So you can easily plan your outfit for the next day. Just hang all the pieces right where you can grab them in the morning.

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pots and pans

Store Your Pots With the Lid Facing Down

This creates a flat surface so you can easily stack your pots and lids instead of having a bunch of mismatched parts rolling around your cabinet. 

file sorter

Place Your Cutting Boards in a Slotted File Organizer

Ditto for your muffin pans, baking trays and cooling racks.

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Tuck Your Sheet Sets Inside a Pillowcase

Then stack them according to which room they’ll be used in. 


Get Yourself More Bathroom Storage

Just add a slim ledge between your sink and mirror. It’s easy to install and it provides a perfect resting place for small necessities like hand soap and decorative items like fancy candles and vases.

cork board

Make Your Own Accessories Rack

With a simple corkboard, a decorative frame and some pushpins. Keep your longer chains at the bottom so they don’t get tangled with everything else.


Use Your Suitcases to Store Out-Of-Season Clothing

Do you really need your swimsuits right this second?


Use Baskets to Compartmentalize Your Pantry

And designate a category for each. (One for baking supplies, another for kids’ snacks, another for general canned goods, etc.) No more digging around for that bottle of vanilla extract the next time you make cookies. 


Compartmentalize Your Garbage, Too

Always have a bunch of empty water bottles in your mudroom? If you have dedicated recycling bins (preferably tucked away or built into a cabinet), you are far more likely to keep trash out of sight until collection day arrives.

digital clutter

And Finally, Don't Forget the Digital Clutter

Lest you get another “not enough storage” message the next time you go to photograph your meal. (Though maybe we should all stop doing that.) Luckily, tons of apps can streamline the process for you.

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