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You’d think that living in 600-square-foot studios would make New Yorkers the queens of minimalism. And yet somehow we're constantly talking ourselves out of using the oven for storage. (You heard it here first: Don’t do it.) If things are taking over your space, put on your KonMari hat and start purging. Here are the absolute easiest ways to get rid of everything you don’t want anymore.

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When You Want to Make Some Extra Cash

Be honest: How much of your closet is dedicated to “stuff I’ll probably never wear again but you never know”? If subjecting yourself to the judgment of Beacon’s Closet or Buffalo Exchange strikes fear into your heart (understandable), post those old sample-sale finds on apps like Poshmark, Tradesy or ThredUp. You’d be surprised how much you can actually make.

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When You Don't Know What to Throw Out and What to Keep

You're still kicking yourself from that time you gave away those amazing vintage Levi's...right before flares came back in style. We get it: A closet overhaul is not to be taken lightly (even if it's sorely needed). You'll be in good hands with Fitz, a new service that sends professional stylists to your home. They'll help you figure out what to toss, what to hold on to and what key pieces to consider adding to give you the well-edited closet of your dreams.

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When You Need to Get Rid of Something Big

That cute mint-green bike seemed like a great idea, but now you’re ready to trade all the weekend joyrides for more wall space. Donate any number of large items by searching for organizations that will pick up the clunky stuff through Donate NYC. Or, take out the middleman with FreeCycle. Selling stuff? Check out AptDeco, where your items will be picked up by the company and delivered to the buyer.

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When You Want to Support a Good Cause

Your new office has a pretty lax dress code, but you still have a bunch of J. Crew blazers from a past corporate life. Donate them to Dress for Success, which serves women in need of interview-appropriate outfits. And those bridesmaid dresses you wore only once? They’re destined to make high school seniors feel like a million bucks through Operation Prom.

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When You Give Back and Go Green at the Same Time

You know that Amazon box you haven’t gotten around to recycling? Fill it with clothes and household items, print a free shipping label from Give Back Box and rest easy knowing your donations are headed to Goodwill (and the cardboard will get recycled). If you’re not sure what to do with a broken TV or that old BlackBerry from 2007, don’t throw them out, as electronics contain toxic materials that don’t belong in landfills. Instead, find your nearest e-cycling center—they’re everywhere—with Greener Gadgets.

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When You Can’t Bring Yourself to Say Goodbye Forever

So you’re moving into a smaller space, but you can’t let go of your grandmother’s antique table. MakeSpace offers storage for sizes ranging from a small closet to a one-bedroom apartment, and unlike self-storage, the company provides the bins and handles pickup and delivery. Tech-lovers should check out Clutter, which photographs your items to create an online inventory, so you know exactly where to find that record player when you need it. 

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