6 Boxed Wines That Are Actually Really Good

Don’t worry: We’re not talking about that alcoholic Kool-Aid from the '90s. Today’s boxed wine is actually pretty amazing. It's cheaper than most bottles, and it’s way better for the environment, because it's easier to transport and recycle. And here’s the kicker: It lasts about a month in the fridge after it’s opened (think of it as your own personal wine on tap). Best of all, each three-liter carton contains about four bottles’ worth of vino. Here, the six boxed wines we’d happily serve at our next dinner party.

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Original House Wine Rosé

Giant box of rosé, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways. We love how you start off tasting like juicy watermelon—easy to gulp down. Next come grapefruit and orange blossom notes, keeping us on our toes. You leave behind the taste of tart raspberry (so crisp and palate cleansing).

Amazon ($22 for 3 liters)

vina borgia 524
Dolce Vita Wine

Viña Borgia Spanish Garnacha

Here’s a general rule of thumb: older vines = better wines. But vintage vines produce fewer, more flavorful grapes, which sadly means that great taste comes at a steep price. Enter Garnacha, red wine from Aragon, Spain, where there are tons and tons of old vines. (So yay, it's more affordable.) You’ll get four bottles' worth of bright vino (think: cherries, blueberries and white pepper) in one cute box.

Dolce Vita Wine ($22 for 3 liters)

archer roose 524
Archer Roose

Archer Roose Cabernet Sauvignon

Presenting the best way to spice up a party: this smooth, highly drinkable crowd pleaser from Chile. It’s dark ruby red and deliciously dry with hints of chocolate and blackberry. Bonus: Archer Roose says its recyclable boxes generate 80 percent less landfill waste and 60 percent less carbon than regular glass bottles.

Schneider's of Capitol Hill ($27 for 3 liters)

Bota Box Rieisling

For those who like their vino on the sweeter side, this pick wafts crisp white peach, honeysuckle, pear and green apple, with just enough acidity rounding out those fruity notes. Pair with slightly sweet dishes like pad Thai, or go spicy with Shrimp Tacos with Mango Salsa.

Total Wine ($20 for 3 liters)

Red "from The Tank" Côtes-du-rhône

Hey, did you know boxed wine is really common (and fantastic) in France? That’s why natural wine importer Jenny and Francois Selections teamed up with a small cellar in southeastern France to bring you this garnet sipper that pretty much defines the word “elegant.” Tasters detected bittersweet chocolate, ripe cherry, dried violet and wood smoke.

Astor Wines ($34 for 3 liters)

La Petite Frog Picpoul

Don’t get us wrong—we love a great French white. But they’re often très expensive. Not this bright, zippy pick from Languedoc in southern France. It’s made from the underrated Picpoul grape, known for its lemony aroma. Take it from us: If you’re a fan of refreshing minerality, do yourself a favor and stock up.

Total Wine and More ($30 for 3 liters)