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A certain kind of anxiety comes with picking a show to watch on Hulu, Netflix or Amazon Prime: There are approximately five billion options, but who’s got the time to sort through them all to pick out the gems? We do. Without further ado, 23 classic TV shows, all streaming on one of the above-mentioned sites, ranked from great to best.

shows lost

23. “Lost” (netflix)

It had a wildly unsettling ending (and final seasons, if we’re being honest), but boy were we hooked in the early aughts.

shows stooges

22. “The Three Stooges” (hulu)

Slapstick, ridiculous and entirely enjoyable--in small doses.

shows peewee

21. “Pee-wee's playhouse” (netflix)

Despite its creator’s legal transgressions, Pee-wee’s Playhouse made it totally OK to be kind of a weirdo.

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shows brady

20. “the brady bunch” (hulu)

Our family was so booooring.

shows twin peaks

19. “twin peaks” (netflix and hulu)

Because: Log Lady.

shows west wing

18. “the west wing” (netflix)

In the now-crowded genre of overly earnest political dramas, President Bartlet’s White House stands above the rest.

shows taxi

17. “taxI” (hulu)

Danny DeVito, we love your work!

shows twilight zone

16. “the twilight zone” (hulu and amazon prime)

Never did we think a single show could creep us out in so many different ways. Docked points for not being able to watch it at night (or alone).

shows andy

15. “the andy griffith show” (netflix and amazon prime)

Insanely homogenized, but innocent and with a young and adorable Ron Howard.

shows dynasty

14. “dynasty” (amazon prime)

Absolutely absurd plots? Yes. The single greatest reminder of the puffy-sleeved '80s? You bet.

shows abbott costello

13. “the abbott and costello show” (hulu)

Admit it: “Who’s on first?” will never not be funny.

shows addams

12. “the addams family” (hulu)

Wednesday Addams is a style icon, and the theme song is catchy as hell. Docked points for remake saturation.

shows mash

11. “m*a*s*h” (netflix)

A “dramedy” long before Orange Is the New Black and Transparent, M*A*S*H lasted a few seasons too many, but remains some of the best TV of all time.

shows van dyke

10. “the dick van dyke show” (hulu)

Guys, the chemistry between van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore is downright smokin’.

shows arrested

9. “arrested development” (hulu and netflix)

Family dysfunction at its most delightful. The Bluth/Funke clan would’ve ranked way higher on the list had it not been for the disappointing Netflix-only season.

shows mary tyler

8. “the mary tyler moore show” (hulu)

Three cheers for a single woman who don’t need no man! Another cheer for a killer opening sequence!

shows different world

7. “a different world” (netflix)

Sure, Lisa Bonet was out after one season, but guest stars like Halle Berry, Tupac, Lena Horne and Whoopi Goldberg eased the sting.

shows friends

6. “friends” (netflix)

We were a tiny bit disappointed by the finale, but there aren’t many other shows we’d be happy to rewatch literally any time ever.

shows fnl

5. “friday night lights” (netflix)

Two words: Coach Taylor. Three more words: Tammy Taylor’s hair.

shows lucy

4. “i love lucy” (hulu)

A female lead that was beautiful and funny? Pretty unheard of in 1951. Ahead of its time, and not just because it tackled the then-taboo subject of pregnancy. *Faux gasp*

shows cheers

3. “cheers” (netflix and amazon prime)

How did it stay so good for 11 seasons? Unrelated: Ted Danson was a total fox.

shows seinfeld

2. “seinfeld” (hulu)

Has a TV show ever been so perfectly cast? Also, it’s pretty cool when people quote your show without ever having seen it. (Double dip, anyone?)

shows 30rock

1. “30 rock” (netflix)

Dr. Spaceman. Werewolf Bar Mitzvah. Ludachristmas. My bologna. MY PERIOD.

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