Why We Need Everyone to Go Watch ‘Blood & Water’ on Netflix (Like Right Now)

*Warning: Minor Spoilers ahead*

Picture this: It’s late on a Friday night and you’re trying to find a good television show to watch. So, what do you do? You turn on Netflix and scroll through the endless options available, but you just can’t find a show to settle on. Well, we just have one question for you: Have you tried out our favorite Netflix show, Blood & Water?

Blood & Water is a South African teen drama that follows a teenage girl named Puleng Khumalo (played by Ama Qamata). She transfers to a prestigious high school in hopes of finding her long lost sister. You see, her older sister was abducted at birth and hasn’t been seen since. However, after meeting a girl named Fikile Bhele (Khosi Ngema) at her birthday party, Puleng is convinced that Fikile is her abducted sister and sets out to prove it. High school problems, amirite?

Ama Qamata from 'Blood & Water.'
Mosa Hlope / Netflix

Now, this show has everything: Drama, angst, romance, love triangles and did we mention drama? But most of all, this show will have you glued to your television screen from beginning to end. Every episode ends on a cliffhanger and we found ourselves immediately having to click on the next episode to find out what happens. It’s impossible not to get drawn into Puleng’s mystery (as she channels her inner Nancy Drew).

What truly makes Blood & Water so great is the show is led by a talented Black ensemble cast. In this show, the main characters are mostly of South African descent—a rarity for a streaming series. It’s so refreshing to see this type of representation on screen at a time when platforms are actively trying to increase diversity and inclusion within shows and movies.

Puleng and Wade Blood and Water S1 CAT
Lindsey Appolis / Netflix

Earlier this week, Netflix released the first look teaser for Blood & Water season three and let’s just say it looks J-U-I-C-Y. In the short clip, we see the return of all our favorite characters, including Puleng (Qamata), Fikile (Ngema), Wade (Dillon Windvogel), Reece (Greteli Fincham) and Chris (Arno Greeff). And the teaser ends with the official release date flashing across the screen: November 25, 2022.

You should really dive into season one tonight. (Yeah, it’s that good.)

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