Why a Jade Roller Is the Best $8 You Can Spend on Your Face
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It may seem like the trendy treatment of jade rolling is popping up everywhere these days, but the truth is it’s been around for centuries—since the seventh century, to be exact. During that time, the wealthy women of China used it in their facial routines (what we wouldn’t give for a peek inside those beauty cabinets). And they did it for the same reason women do now: tighter, brighter skin. Here’s a cheat sheet on everything you need to know about jade rollers

What is jade rolling?
Just like it sounds: You roll a gemstone (OK, that semi-conducts negative ions) over your face to benefit the skin. Jade naturally transmits infrared rays, which increase circulation, and the pressure of the roller reduces eye puffiness, drains the body of toxins and improves skin elasticity. It also mimics a facial massage, making it helpful for those with migraines, sinus issues or, ya know, the obvious skin-care obsession.

Where do I start?
The pros put their jade rollers in the freezer a few hours before use (this will augment the de-puffing benefits). First, you’ll want to cleanse and exfoliate your face. Do all the other steps in your skin routine—serum, moisturizer, even a mask (you can never hydrate too much, in our opinion). After that, you’re ready to roll. Start at the chest or forehead, using outward and upward strokes, then continue throughout your face and neck for about two minutes.

Are there any extra benefits?
Feel like your morning beauty routine has gotten a little hectic? Rushing through your serums? Jade rolling is a quick way to calm down. The few minutes it takes to roll and sink products even deeper into your skin is the perfect time to take a deep breath, relax and start your day on a cool note. Just pretend you’re a seventh-century wealthy Chinese woman. 

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