From Whipped Cappuccino to Cherry Cola, Here Are the Top Spring Hair Colors of 2023

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We can’t believe we’re so close to springtime. The season of new beginnings calls for a fresh change and what better way to do this than with a new hair color? Whether you’re considering subtle highlights or ready to be bold in red, we asked six celebrity hairstylists to predict the top spring hair color trends to try in 2023. Plus, we got you covered on reference photos for your stylist (so you probably should just book that appointment already).

Meet the Experts:

  • Glenn Ellis is a celebrity hairstylist based in Los Angeles and New York.
  • Jennifer Korab is a celebrity hairstylist based in New Jersey.
  • Eric Lopez is a top designer stylist at the Katherine Jon Salon in New York.
  • Meg Schipani is a hair colorist and master color expert for Colorproof.
  • Wendy Gutkin is a hair colorist and research stylist for Schwarzkopf Color.
  • Melissa Dawn is a hair colorist at Rogue Hair Studio in Georgia.

Black Cherry Hair Is Trending. Here's How to Get the Look

1. Buttery Blonde

As we transition into warmer weather, blonde hair is definitely going to shine bright for the season. “Buttery blonde is a warmer tone that doesn’t necessarily feature yellow hues, but has a sun-kissed finish,” says Ellis. “It has the right amount of warmth that looks good on a plethora of skin tones. It also gives a fresh blonde look without the starkness that can come from super icy locks.” To achieve the hair color, Ellis says those with naturally blonde hair or those transitioning out of lighter looks like platinum should get a hair gloss treatment at the salon. When it comes to maintaining the look, the pro says to skip the purple shampoo and add a nourishing hair oil to your routine that aims to add shine and moisture without eliminating the warm tone.

2. Warm Golden Highlights

“For spring, we are going to see more warm golden tones become popular. This trend is good for blondes, but we’re also seeing it on medium to light brunettes, too,” notes Korab. So, whether you’re rocking a balayage or want to try a money piece, these sun-kissed highlights can brighten up your look. While Korab recommends going to the salon, she does suggest using a golden hair gloss in-between visits to add shine and boost your color’s vibrancy.

3. Dip Dye Hair

Folks looking to drastically change their hair should consider this latest color for the months ahead. “This is an elevated version of the playful Kool-Aid DIY hair color that was popular in the 2000s. It consists of a burst of color throughout the ends of the hair, ranging from a blended reverse ombré to a solid block of color on the ends,” says Schipani. “Spring is when bright colors start to resurface after winter and what better way to literally dip into fun colors than to start with your ends?” Since a lightening treatment is involved, it’s recommended to use a color-safe shampoo and conditioner in your routine to help nourish and strengthen locks in-between touch ups.

4. Cool Black

In 2022, we saw the resurgence of the goth era (just thank Wednesday for that one) and this trending hair color is another great example of that. “Soft black gives you a deep sophisticated color without looking flat and harsh. It also adds a tiny bit of warmth to your hair,” says Gutkin. Head over to the salon or dabble in dyeing your hair right at home. “If you have medium brown or darker hair, this is totally achievable at home. A pre-treatment ensures that the color will deposit from root to end evenly to create a beautifully rich, shiny color,” she adds.

5. Lived-In Brunette

“This shade embraces caramel tones in brunette hair,” says Dawn. The balayage technique creates a soft natural transition from root to tip. You’ll find celebs like Bella Hadid, Lucy Hale and Kim Kardashian have worn some interpretation of this low-maintenance color recently because, as Dawn explains, “it brings out more dimension from your natural hair color.”

6. Strawberry Blonde

Let’s be honest: The whole red family has been dominating hair color trends over the last few years. But one shade that’s especially popular? Strawberry blonde. “This shade adds a pop of color! We’ll be heading into festival season soon and I can see a lot of girls rocking this color for Coachella and beyond,” shares Ellis. Once you’ve decided on this hue, Ellis suggests investing in a heat protectant (like Oribe’s) to protect and nourish your locks. “I cannot stress enough the importance of a heat protectant, especially when dealing with a ‘fashion color’ like this. This step will help with the longevity of the color,” adds Ellis.

7. Whipped Cappuccino

The delicious caffeinated beverage has inspired the latest trend for spring. “This hair color is a caramel brunette mixed with milky blonde. It seamlessly blends balayage and baby highlights together and works best on naturally brown hair,” explains stylist Eric Lopez. If you need a reference for this style, look no further than the legendary Jennifer Lopez, who’s been rocking the look for quite some time. To keep your new highlights fresh, the stylist recommends a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to strengthen strands and add shine.

8. Pearly Blonde

“While many still like a cool blonde, this pearly color gets away from the overprocessed white hair look. A pearly blonde has a richness to it that leaves the hair looking healthy,” shares Gutkin. When it comes to rocking this shade, Gutkin notes a stylist will bring your hair to a level of 9 or 10 in lightness before toning your strands to a cooler color that will make it more neutral rather than white (i.e, platinum). Note: On wash days, apply a purple shampoo to prevent brassiness and strengthen fragile strands.

9. Moonlights

When we think about highlights, we tend to think of lighter shades. But for spring, we’re switching things up and diving into deeper hues. “For darker hair, this shade reflects violet and blue tones inspired by the moon,” says Dawn. “It adds vibrancy and depth to darker strands without changing the entire hair color.” The technique follows the standard highlighting process (aka foiling method) before depositing blue and violet toner.

10. Cherry Cola

While expensive brunette and winter gold are great options for brunettes, the cherry cola shade is sure to top them for the next couple of months. “Many brunettes want a change in tonality without lightening up their hair. By going a bit darker, or just adding a redder tone into the hair, it really adds a pop and change to the color,” says Ellis. To recreate this shade, Ellis shares that the reddish brown hue can be achieved using a color-depositing shampoo and conditioner. You can also visit a salon and let the stylist work their magic, too.

11. Money Pieces

We were slowly starting to see money pieces fade away at the end of 2022, but it appears they’re making a comeback for the season. “It can be super subtle. Money pieces are most flattering when kept right around the face,” says Lopez. If you’re not ready for a full color just yet, this style offers a minimal treatment. The process consists of applying foil at the front strands that frame your face. As a result, you’re left with striking highlights that will accentuate your features and brighten your overall natural shade.

12. Red Velvet

This rich red shade was a big hit this winter and not going anywhere this spring. “It’s the perfect revamp of your look for spring. It’ll make them ask ‘Is that her?’” says Gutkin. “Red hair is an attitude. It’s perfect for all who want to own this color.” Just ask celebs like Meg Thee Stallion and Blake Lively, who have made the switch recently. Gutkin points out that this shade is best left to the pros who can really achieve the depth and dimension the look requires.

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