The 36 Most Flattering Haircuts & Hair Styles for Oval Faces

Plus, pro styling tips from seasoned hairstylists

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Let’s start with the good news: If you have an oval face shape (that is, it’s equally wide as it is long), you have no shortage of options when it comes to choosing the right haircut. That’s because your oh-so-symmetrical features look good with just about any style. Seriously—consider yourself lucky. Some of us are contending with fiveheads (that’s an XL forehead, mind you) and chipmunk cheeks that belie our age.

Still, no matter your face shape, we understand how daunting it can be to choose a cut you want to commit to (especially when the world is your oyster). This is where we—along with some famous faces you may recognize—come in with some recommendations for the 36 best haircuts for oval faces. Plus, three experts share why these haircuts work and give product recommendations so you can easily style your new look at home.

Meet the Experts

  • Devin Graciano is a hair stylist and head of product development at Goldie Locks, a luxury hair care brand that focuses on moisture and hydration for extensions and natural hair.
  • Shelley Saunders is a seasoned hairstylist who has been in the industry for nearly 30 years. She trained at Jacques Dessange in New York City and traveled to Paris, France, to attend advanced color and cutting classes. Saunders specializes in the French technique for cutting, balayage and heat styling. She owns Shelley Saunders Salon in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  • Rene Villalta is a stylist at Fabio Scalia Salons in Soho. His previous experience includes styling at New York Fashion Week, MAC Cosmetics and Broadway Bares. At Fabio Scalia, Villalta specializes in curly hairstyles.

The Best Haircut for Your Face Shape

most flattering haircuts for oval faces jennifer aniston
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1. Long Layers

Take it from the woman who broke the world record for fastest person to reach a million followers on Instagram: There is nothing wrong with adopting a signature cut. Jennifer Aniston's long, sweeping layers are easy to style and frame her face nicely on either side. “[This style] is a great choice for those with an oval face as it creates dimension and movement, while accentuating the natural symmetry and balanced proportions of the face,” Graciano notes. “I would recommend preparing the hair with a hydrating leave-in conditioner and some hair cream prior to blow drying for a smooth finish.”

most flattering haircuts for oval faces julia roberts
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2. Shoulder-Length Waves

Lobs (long bobs) are definitely one of the most flattering styles to try—especially when they’re paired with a loose, tousled texture as seen on Julia Roberts here. The center part lengthens your face, while the added volume from the waves draws out your cheekbones, creating a nice symmetry overall. “[Shoulder-length waves] give this face shape a soft and textured framing, while highlighting natural contours,” Graciano adds. “Prep the hair with a hydrating leave-in conditioner and a texture-enhancing styling product and diffuse the hair for a soft natural wave.”

most flattering haircuts for oval faces constance wu
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3. Full Fringe

A set of blunt bangs works great with oval face shapes (particularly if you have a larger forehead). Customize their thickness to suit your individual texture, but make sure the length sits at or just below your eyebrows for the most flattering effect. “An easy way to change your vibe is to get a full fringe to bring out the eyes, showcasing the balanced bone structure and face shape,” Graciano says. “Prep your hair with your styling products and completely dry your fringe first to prevent any natural parts or whirls that may set if you were to let your hair dry naturally.”

most flattering haircuts for oval faces rihanna
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4. Layered Bob

Similar to Roberts' tousled lob above, this cut is a touch sassier, thanks to its shorter length but is equally flattering on oval-shaped faces. With subtle layers throughout for added movement and choppier ends, this cool shag cut is a great option for ladies with natural waves. Graciano adds, “[It] adds texture, movement and volume, while maintaining a shape that’s not only chic but also versatile. To add or to control texture, use hydrating products (like the Goldie Locks Ultra Hydrating Hair Mask) and prep your strands with a hydrating curl cream that has humectants and emollients in it to set your natural curls without sacrificing on body.”

haircuts for oval faces: side swept pixie on ginnifer goodwin
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5. Side-Swept Pixie

A common fear for women who are considering a pixie cut is that it will make their faces appear too round (which, by the way, is entirely untrue—see Ginnifer Goodwin). For our oval-shaped faces, a pixie cut is a surefire way to show off your facial features nicely. And it’s easy to style—especially when you leave some length on top like Charlize here.

most flattering haircuts for oval faces lupita nyongo
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6. Cropped Pixie

“[This is] a striking cut that exudes modernity and confidence but is also a low-maintenance daily style,” Graciano says. “It’s one of my personal favorites—especially for those with natural texture. [That said], this haircut is all about the prep, ensuring you start with a hydrating and UV protecting leave-in conditioner and your choice of styling products to maintain your look all day.” Tip: This is also a great cut for petite ladies, as the shorter length draws your eyes up (and doesn’t weigh down a smaller frame).

most flattering haircuts for oval faces ashley graham
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7. Polished Curls

Graciano calls this look “elegant and timeless.” For a classic cut that’s both low-maintenance and easy to style at home, keep the length just below the collarbones but above the chest. “Prior to using any heat on your hair, you’ll want to prep it with a lightweight serum that will help control frizz, heat protect and give a beautiful shine without weighing your hair down,” she advises. Using a large-barreled curling iron (we’d recommend 1.25 to 1.5 inches depending on how thick your hair is), add loose curls throughout the mid-lengths and ends.

most flattering haircuts for oval faces jennifer lawrence
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8. Sleek Lob

“[This style is a] stronger statement bob that intentionally shows off your cheekbones and that beautiful jawline,” Graciano notes. Pair it with a center part and have it stop just below your jawline to complement your impeccable bone structure. Option to tuck both sides behind your ears to further open up your face (and keep your hair out of the way). “Style it with a smoothing cream and a hair serum for soft, frizz-free [hair]. [It will also] increase manageability, while [giving your strands some] essential hydration.”

haircuts for oval faces: lob with side bangs on julianne moore
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9. Lob With Side-Bangs

Take a page from Julianne Moore's book and try long, side-swept bangs. Graciano says that this haircut will add a touch of asymmetry and softness to your face, while still framing it to bring out your natural contours. Choose one side (you know, the one you always angle toward the camera when taking photos) and have your stylist cut long bangs in sweeping layers to accentuate your jawline. And when styling at home, Graciano says to “grab a large round brush and use the tension of the brush and your blow dryer to smooth the cuticle down to get a softer, smoother finish.”

most flattering haircuts for oval faces jessica alba
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10. Long Waves

Here’s another cut that will never go out of style: Long, polished waves with soft layers around the face (aka the Jessica Alba). Loose curls soften your features and are easier to execute than you’d think. Graciano advises prepping your hair with a heat protectant before using a medium barrel iron to create loose curls. You can also apply a thickening spray at the roots and blow-dry. To curl, wrap large sections of hair around an iron and let your curls cool for a few minutes before brushing them out to finish.

most flattering haircuts for oval faces zooey deschanel
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11. Banged Bob

Zooey Deschanel is no stranger to bangs. In fact, we dare say she is one of the celebrities who is most responsible for popularizing full fringe in the last decade. Whether worn with long, loose curls (à la her 500 Days of Summer look) or a chic and sleek bob, her bangs remain virtually unchanged with tapered ends and a brow-skimming length that always complements her oval face.

“Flipping the head over and hand drying the hair to create natural volume is key to this look,” Saunders explains. “I would then finish styling them with a round brush.” For fringe that doesn’t look overly curled, blow-dry your bangs using a paddle brush (never a round one) and move the hair from one side to the other until they are completely dried.

most flattering haircuts for oval faces katy perry
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12. Side-Parted Pixie

When Katy Perry first went back to long dark hair, it was hard to imagine—her platinum pixie had suited her features so well. With a deep side part, some longer pieces on top and cropped sides, this cut perfectly frames oval faces and adds volume to straighter strands. When styling it, Saunder’s advice is to keep it simple: “Use a flatiron or a small barrel round brush to create a little pop in the part and give a finished look.”

most flattering haircuts for oval faces jada pinkett smith
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13. Grown-Out Pixie

When the top starts to get longer, sweep your hair over to one side like Jada Pinkett Smith here, while you transition into your next style. (Or you could rock this length indefinitely because damn if it isn’t cool.) “Having a deep side part accentuates the cheekbones and can be worn messy but still look put together,” Saunders says. Word to the wise: You’ll want to keep your sides and back shorter while you grow things out or things can quickly veer into a mullet territory.

most flattering haircuts for oval faces natalie portman
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14. Wavy Bob

If you do decide to grow out a pixie cut, we recommend trying a wavy bob next. The loose, beachy texture offers a great disguise for uneven ends (which is inevitable when you’re between styles). To get a similar look at home, Saunders suggests misting a texturizing spray on damp strands or applying a little mousse and scrunching to coax out your natural waves. If you have straight hair, use a flatiron to add some bends throughout.

most flattering haircuts for oval faces emma stone
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15. Shoulder-Skimming Lob

Here’s another (sleek) iteration of the ever-popular lob. If you’re looking to add volume to this haircut, Saunders recommends the Vodana Thermal Brush. Alternately, run a flatiron over your strands (we swear by T3 Lucea 1” Professional Straightening & Styling Flat Iron) and apply some shine serum on the mid-lengths and ends for a lustrous finish. Tip: Massage the serum over your hands first, before applying it to your hair to control the amount that’s being applied. And if you want, take a cue from Emma Stone and add long, blended bangs on one side to soften up your features. “When styling, a blended bang is key to keep it just below the eye to give a soft, sexy look,” she adds.

most flattering haircuts for oval faces jessica biel
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16. Long Shag

With longer pieces that hit the tops of your cheekbones on either side, the shag cut opens up like a set of drapes that subtly frame your face without getting in the way (in case a full fringe isn’t your cup of tea). To style, Villalta recommends prepping the hair with Kéréstase's Densimorphose or Mousse Bouffante. “These are great as they will not weigh down the hair and they create wispy textures,” he notes. He then uses this styling brush to create soft waves. “The key is to work vertically: wrap hair at an angle, creating an ‘S’ pattern wave. Set your shapes and let them cool down before finishing.”

most flattering haircuts for oval faces halle berry
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17. Mid Shag

This is similar to Jessica Biel’s cut above, but with a slightly heavier bang on either side and a couple inches shorter. “A heat protectant is always required, so you want to smooth your hair and go in with a hot tool after. Hot rollers are perfect in the mohawk area to create height and movement—set them and forget them!” Tip: Add a blend of highlights around your face to brighten and lowlights throughout to create dimension.

most flattering haircuts for oval faces jourdan dunn
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18. Angled Lob

Remember when we said the lob is the most flattering cut for anyone? Case in point: It’s a great length for ladies with natural curls because it keeps enough weight in your hair prevent your hair from puffing out (but not so much that it drags down your ringlets). Villalta recommends using a paddle brush to smooth out the cuticles and applying a glycerin product (like Aveda’s Texture Tonic) for added moisture and definition. If you don’t have one already, get thee a diffuser to direct the air flow of your blow-dryer so you can speed up styling without disrupting your curls. If your hair feels too fluffy, Villalta says to, “add more water and products, as saturation is key with curls.” Finish with a light misting of shine spray.

haircuts for oval faces feathered shag
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19. Feathered Shag

Meet the modern day take on the iconic Farrah Fawcett cut that was all the rage on TikTok a couple years ago. With a side-swept bang (that’s easy to grow out) and feathered layers throughout, the biggest difference in the two styles lies in the texture—which is beachier and looser now, less curled and perfectly coiffed as it once was. “This look takes soft shaping, so you want to create bends in the mid lengths while maintaining a smooth root and straight ends,” Villalta says. “It's very modern and effortless. Showcase your layers!”

most flattering haircuts for oval faces alexa chung
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20. Shaggy Lob

And we can’t talk about a shag without mentioning Alexa Chung, the British “it” girl who is pretty much the poster child for the cut itself. Worn with a set of curtain bangs and trimmed to a collarbone-skimming length, the look is equal parts edgy and effortless. “With this style, less is definitely more. You want to prime your hair with a sea salt spray before drying,” Villalta advises. “That will add texture to the cuticle and hold shape without weighing down. Diffusing and scrunching the hair to dry is a great way to allow the hair to form these kinds of shapes.”

haircuts for oval faces: modern mullet on miley cyrus
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21. Modern Mullet

The next iteration of the shag is the modern mullet or the “wolf cut”, which features even shorter layers and longer pieces throughout the sides and back. The difference between today’s mullet and those of the ‘80s? The layers, though extreme, blend together, so it doesn’t look like two different haircuts in one. Villalta’s styling notes? “You want to work with free hands with this one! Rough things up. This cut has lots of movement, so use your fingers to play with the hair and sculpt this style.”

haircuts for oval faces curly pixie
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22. Curly Pixie

For those with loose curls like Audrey Tautou here, a short cut is a style onto itself. “Using your own wave patterns, add more shape with mousses and curl products,” says Villalta. Parting tip: Keep the sides closely cropped and lengthier on top for that effortless swoop over the forehead.

haircuts for oval faces single length
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23. Sleek, Single Length

It doesn't get any more laidback than a sleek, single-length cut, as seen here on Maitreyi Ramakrishnan. “The lack of layers makes it easier to style so you’re not fighting your texture. I recommend using a smoothing agent—one of my favorite combos would be the Thermique Régénérant Blow Dry Primer and FS Collezione ‘La Sophia’ hairbrush. Whereas most other styles require fairly regular trims or re-layering to keep their shape, this classic ‘do does not. We’re talking one to two visits to your salon a year here.”

haircuts for oval faces tousled undercut
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24. The Tousled Undercut

Bravo to ScarJo (and her stylist) for this work of art. The undercut adds structure and style, while the longer, swept over pieces soften things up on top, creating balance both to her features and the cut itself. Villalta also praises this cut’s versatility, noting it can be worn straight, curled, up or down. To style it, he uses a boar bristle brush to dry the roots in their natural direction. “Pomades are also good for this look as they will add hold without disturbing the style.”

haircuts for oval faces slightly off center part
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25. Slightly Off-Centered Part

Similar to Ramakrishnan's sleek look above, but with a slightly off-centered part to boost volume at the roots. (Note: Switching up your part is a great tool to keep in your back pocket when your hair looks flat and you don't have time to wash it.) “Over time, parts tend to thin and separate, so I almost always switch up the part, as too much tension in one spot over time is never good,” Villalta notes. “I also like to blow dry everything forward and against the [direction of your part]. When pushed back, [you get lots of] volume and allow the hair to fall naturally.” Keep the ends blunt and slightly curled in to get a more polished effect.

haircuts for oval faces: french bob
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26. French Bob

“Using a French cutting technique to create layers in a chin-length bob will showcase the jawline,” Saunders says of this look, shown on Portuguese actress Maria de Medeiros. To style it, she shares, “I would use a mousse on wet strands. Hand-dry the hair until damp, then use a medium-size round barrel brush with a twirl technique to give it a wispy finish with volume. Add some texture spray for a windblown, sexy effect.”

haircuts for oval faces: elizabeth olson wispy fringe bangs
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27. Wispy Fringe

If you want to give bangs a go, try a wispy fringe, which can complement hair at various lengths. “Add a peek-a-boo fringe that doesn’t block out your forehead to give a sultry edge to your existing style,” Graciano notes. “This is one of the lowest maintenance bangs you can get for anyone who is curious.” Plus, the style works with all lengths, so whether you’ve got shoulder-length tresses or long locks, you can experiment.  

haircuts for oval faces disconnected layers
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28. Disconnected Layers

If you want a layered haircut that’s ideal for thick and textured hair, here’s another option. Graciano says that disconnected layers will give your hair a more defined silhouette and body thanks to its softer, longer pieces. “This haircut can be personalized to hit your cheekbones or jawline just perfectly.” To style the cut, just apply a texture spray or cream before blow-drying.

haircuts for oval faces collarbone bob
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29. One-Length Collarbone Bob

Sleek and chic, this low-maintenance look is as easy as they come. Plus, you can always add your choice of bangs. “It compliments all key points of the face, eyes, cheekbones and lips, making it a classy style that is always on trend,” Saunders notes. “I highly recommend using a dime sized amount of AZ Smooth Serum before drying this look to create body [without weighing down the hair]. I also would use the Vodana Thermal Brush for styling and to give the bob a smooth finish."

haircuts for oval faces: gemma chan wears a below-the-shoulder cut with loose waves
TIZIANA FABI/Contributor/Getty Images

30. Below-the-Shoulder Cut

Saunders recommends pairing this hairstyle with soft curtain bangs to soften your facial features and make your eyes pop. “Subtle layers throughout the hair will give movement,” she says. To style, Saunders uses Kérastase Hair Mousse for bounce and bend, before finishing the look with the Vodana GlamWave curling iron.

haircuts for oval faces: florence pugh bixie cut
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31. The Bixie

Torn between a bob and a pixie? Enter this mashup, which has the choppy pixie vibe with the bob’s versatility. It’s a great option for straight or wavy hair textures. To style it in the morning, Villalta recommends using a paddle brush to dry the roots and perimeters of the hair to tame fly-aways and your roots. Finish with a round brush to create your desired shape.

haircuts for oval faces: sienna miller sports the beachy, lived-in waves look
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32. Lived-In Waves

For a windblown, beachy look, opt for natural waves. This is more so a hairstyle than a cut, so it can work on a variety of hair lengths, layers and textures. “Style with sea salt spray on finer textures (using more product for lived-in textures),” Villalta suggests. “Use a diffuser to dry the hair without having to put too much stress on it, then you can use a hot tool to enhance any pieces wherever needed.”

haircuts for oval faces: curly french bob on taylor lashae
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33. Curly French Bob

For a literal twist on the French bob, just add some curls for extra bounce and volume, as shown on Taylor Lashae. Villalta styles this haircut the same way he does lived-in waves—with sea salt spray and a diffuser before curling the hair around an iron.

haircuts for oval faces micro bangs
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34. Micro-Bangs

Micro-bangs are best worn by those with straight hair, due to their super short length. Pair them with a bob, lob or long layers to turn any cut into a statement. When styling, Villalta uses a paddle brush. “You want to dry in a flat-wrap motion so the fringe doesn’t curl up,” he explains. “You also want to minimize volume and have them sit as close to the face as possible.”

haircuts for oval faces: hair extensions on ariana grande
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35. Extensions

Extensions can add volume and length to your existing hair, while also covering up any split ends or sparse patches. To style, Villalta suggests priming the hair with a heat protectant before rough-drying the roots and bonds where the extensions meet your natural hair. Then, carefully brush out the rest of your natural hair.

haircuts for oval faces a photo of hailey bieber
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36. Strong Bob

Hailey Bieber's now-signature bob is straight, blunt and structured. To get the look, ask your stylist to cut your hair into a square shape, all one length. (A tip for customizing the bob: Point cutting will add a slight texture to it, whereas cutting straight across will give you blunt ends.)

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