36 Types of Bangs to Consider If You’re Craving a Change in Style

36 types of bangs? We know, it’s overwhelming. Especially if you’re not even sure you’re ready to commit to bangs in the first place. Not to fret, we’ll take you through the many variations, one by one, so you can find the fringe that best suits your style.

But first, how do I know what type of bangs to get?

We’re of the mind that bangs can look good on anyone. But if you’re starting from square one and not sure what to ask for, it can be helpful to consider your face shape as an initial guide. For example:

  • Oval shaped faces can generally pull off any type or length of bangs.
  • Oblong or rectangular shapes tend to do well with blunt, full bangs.
  • Round face shapes can be slimmed with face-framing curtain bangs or side bangs.
  • Square and heart-shaped faces are softened by wispier fringe.

We’ll show you some examples ahead, so you can bring them into your next appointment.

1. Curtain Bangs

Let’s start with the dominating bang of the last few years: curtain bangs. Split open at the center of your forehead (like a curtain; hence the name), this flattering fringe frames either side of your face with slightly longer pieces at the ends.

2. Draped Bangs

Think of draped bangs as a longer version of curtain bangs. Also parted in the center, this slightly longer variation can just as easily be swept to one side.

3. Blunt Bangs

Fact: A full set of fringe looks downright youthful. Just barely skimming your brows and snipped in at the ends so they taper to your forehead, this style of bang works best on thick hair.

4. Schoolgirl Bangs

Somewhere between a curtain and a blunt bang lies this full, curved fringe that’s become Jameela Jamil’s signature look. Have your stylist trim your bangs just above your eyebrows, and be prepared to go back for a quick trim every few weeks.

5. Feathered Bangs

Feathered bangs are a great option for ladies with longer, oval-shaped faces. Just about the same length as the aforementioned schoolgirl bangs, these are intentionally wispier and well suited for finer strands.

6. Textured Bangs

It doesn’t get easier (or breezier) than matching your bangs to your natural waves. There’s no need to blow dry; just work some texturizing spray at the roots and let them do their thing.

7. Side-swept Bangs

A side-swept style is instantly flattering to all face shapes, which might be why it’s often the first foray into bangs for many of us. The key to rocking them like Mindy is to wear them with a deep side part and have them angled so the longest pieces hit the tops of your cheekbones (which slims the roundest part of your face).

8. Center Parted Bangs

This is a great option for anyone who isn’t ready to commit to styling their hair regularly (because, make no mistake, most bangs will require regular upkeep). Intentionally long and pushed off to either side, you’ll still get a subtle framing like you do with curtain bangs, but less in your face.

9. Birkin Bangs

Named after icon Jane Birkin, these lash-grazing bangs are stunning. However, you will need to go in for regular trims to keep them at just the right length. That said, we’d recommend this style when you’re in those initial stages of growing out your bangs.

10. Blended Bangs

Both “Morning Show” stars are rocking blended bangs here (though Jen’s are bordering on long layers). Longer, layered bangs are the lowest commitment of the bunch and meld seamlessly into the rest of your hair—which is the beauty of them. There’s virtually no grow-out period.

11. Curly Bangs

Curls and bangs pair extremely well together if cut right. On that note, make sure your stylist cuts them when your hair is completely dry so you both can see exactly where and how they fall on your face.

12. Stretched Curl Bangs

And if you’re feeling apprehensive about cutting bangs into your curls, just keep them on the longer side. In general, longer fringe is more forgiving since curls tend to pop up as they dry.

13. Braided Bangs

Oh Lupita, how you make us swoon. The actress upped the ante on what you can do with your bangs when she showed us this braided look.

14. Beaded Bangs

Like Lupita, Yara is another trendsetter we often look to for inspiration. Here, she has her braids looped into faux bangs across her forehead and down the sides of her face, securing them in place with chunky beads.

15. Wavy Bangs

We feel confident in saying that Sandra Oh has some of the best bangs in Hollywood. Thick and tousled and blended effortlessly into the rest of her voluminous waves, we’re tempted to get a perm, just to copy the look ourselves.

16. A-shaped Bangs

For square or structured face shapes that are wider at the cheeks and jawline, some angular fringe will soften the harder edges.

17. Pageboy Bangs

For our pixie haired friends out there, we’d point you to these pageboy bangs that are roughly the same length as the rest of your hair, minus the back and sides (which you want tapered to your head and neck).

18. Piecey Bangs

Another option for our pixies: piecey bangs that are angled slightly across your forehead a la Kris Jenner. Keep them feathery and well-defined with a teensy bit of pomade at the ends.

19. Midi Bangs

Looking like a modern-day Audrey Hepburn, Laura Harrier showed up to Cannes Film Festival a few years ago with midi bangs that hugged her forehead perfectly.

20. Baby Bangs

Perhaps the boldest of the bunch, baby bangs fall just a couple inches from your forehead with a few longer pieces mixed in to soften the line. They open up your face and show off your cheekbones, while also minimizing a larger forehead.

21. Bowl Cut Bangs

In case you’re feeling nostalgic for that bowl cut from your childhood, this updated version is snipped into a soft arched shape, with the shortest pieces falling in the center and slightly longer pieces falling to either side of your face (as opposed to straight across the way your mom used to do it).

22. Heavy Side Bangs

Though they’re reminiscent of our MySpace, emo days, this newer iteration of side bang has more movement and blends nicely with loose waves.

23. Beach Bangs

Like an upside-down Nike swoop, this style of fringe gives you a beachy vibe (and instant volume to limp roots).

24. Bardot Bangs

When it comes to Bardot bangs (named after the bombshell French model and actress), the more mussed up, the better.

25. Volume Bangs

Notice that nice bump at the crown of her head? This will lift your bangs and your roots to give a boost of volume throughout.

26. French Girl Bangs

By this point in the list, you’re probably thinking isn’t this just another curtain bang? And we don’t blame you. The differences are barely discernible, but if you look very closely, the lengths are varied with intentionally uneven pieces breaking up any predictable lines.

27. K-pop Bangs

So wispy they’re almost see-through, this airy fringe is a popular choice among many Korean popstars and actresses.

28. 90s Bangs

Time to break out your flat iron. Sleek fringe is back, baby. Keep them straight but on the thicker side this time around, so they’re not as piecey.

29. Colored Bangs

Really looking to shake things up? Try a two-toned bang, which can look surprisingly subtle when you pair the right shades. (You can also try a temporary tint for a couple days if you’re scared to commit.)

30. Inverted V Bangs

Have the ends angled so the longest pieces graze your cheekbones (which slims your features overall).

31. Wolf-cut Bangs

A favorite on TikTok, the wolf cut is marked by lots of layers and loads of volume that work especially well with curly hair.

32. Mullet Bangs

Another style that’s seeing a resurgence thanks to TikTok? The mullet, with angled bangs that blend into the shorter layers of the cut.

33. Shaggy Bangs

For a softer take on the mullet, you can opt for a shaggier style that doesn’t have quite as much variation in length. The defining point of this look is the bangs, which are noticeably shorter in the center of the forehead.

34. Jagged Bangs

Similar to the shaggy bangs above, but a bit choppier and more jagged at the ends.

35. Styled Edges

For those who are blessed with an abundance of baby hairs, you can enjoy the best parts of having bangs (i.e., an update to your style, a face-framing effect) without having to actually cut your hair shorter. Using a comb and gel or an edge control product, lay down those little hairs into your desired shape or pattern.

36. Clip-on Bangs

Still not ready to take the plunge? There are always clip-on bangs, which you can snap in and out as you wish.

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