6 Styling Tips for Women with Bangs

On the best of days, your fringe is full (not stringy) and sitting flush against your forehead (without sticking to it or splaying all over the place). The other half of the time, however, they’re a straight-up nuisance. Here, six tips to making sure your bangs behave at all times.

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Wash Them With Care

Skip the super-moisturizing shampoos, as they can weigh your bangs down before you even begin styling. Instead look for something that says “volumizing” on the label. (Hint: These tend to be clear—instead of pearlescent or opaque—inside the bottle.) And for the love of all that is good, keep any conditioner far away from your roots.

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Style Them Straight Out Of The Shower

In general, letting your strands air-dry most of the way before heat styling is a good idea. But with bangs, you want to get to work as soon as possible so it’s easier to manipulate them. Using a dryer, point the nozzle down and brush the hair from one side to the other repeatedly until they’re set. This will keep them fluffy and natural looking—not flat and matted down to your forehead.

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Be Careful With Skin-care Products

We’re not saying that you should skip your sunscreen (don’t do that—ever), but perhaps let it sink into your skin fully (ten minutes should do) before letting your bangs down. Better yet, wait the full ten minutes and blot your forehead to sop up any excess product (which otherwise would transfer to your hair and make it greasy as the day wears on).

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But Don't Fear Hairspray

Fact: Lightly misting the underside of your bangs with the stuff can help to create a moisture barrier between your hair and your forehead (which keeps things looking fresh longer).

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And Be Sparing With Your Dry Shampoo

Just point the spray nozzle directly at the roots (or use a clean toothbrush for better control over where it’s being distributed). You want to avoid getting it on the lengths of your bangs so they aren’t weighed down.

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And If All Else Fails...rewash Them

Rest assured: You don’t have to take a full-on shower. Simply pull your hair back into a ponytail, lean over the sink and use a pea-sized amount of shampoo to suds up just your fringe. Rinse thoroughly and get to blow drying them, stat.

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