Nervous About Getting a Pixie Cut? This May Help Ease Your Fears

Have you always wanted to try a pixie cut but been too afraid to commit to one because so. Much. Face? We get it, which is why we're making a case for a pixie with a set of long, angled bangs à la beauty blogger (and hairstyling extraordinaire) Sarah Bryant (aka Sarah LouWho).

Sarah’s ultra-flattering ’do hasn’t always been her staple look. In fact, the “pixie power” influencer was once attached to her mermaid-length tresses. Shortly after changing to a mid-length style, she took the leap to a pixie and it ended up becoming more than just a hair transformation. When a photo of her new cut went viral, she decided to leave a career in tech behind to forge a new path in the beauty industry—and it paid off. Three years later, Sarah has turned her pixie into her trademark and is a leading resource for hair tutorials and styling tips for short-haired ladies.

That’s why in this week’s episode of The Glow Up, our lob-sporting host, Jenny Jin, sat down with Sarah to not only get insider tips on how to style her own mane, but to help change the perception on short hair lengths being a scary thing. Watch as they discuss blow-drying techniques, Sarah’s must-have styling products and everything short locks have to offer—in Sarah’s case, finding her new calling. Read on for the highlights.

The Pixie Cut That’s Flattering on Everyone

Like Sarah’s style, her bangs are graduated in length so they start shorter and get longer as they sweep across her forehead. This well-placed fringe softens any facial features (like, shall we say, a generous forehead or a defined jawline) and gives you ample styling options if you decide to grow out your hair.

How Sarah LouWho Blow-Drys Her Pixie Cut

Step 1. Part bangs to one side. Use a blow-dryer with a nozzle and a two-inch ceramic round brush to roll the front pieces of your bangs upward. The key is to start while your hair is still freshly damp from the shower.

Step 2. Hold the brush in place while blow drying and then slowly start to rock the brush up and down so your hair doesn't fall flat.

Step 3. Stop blow-drying and then spin the top of the brush towards the bottom. This sets a subtle curl in your hair. If you want to really lock in the style, change the setting on your blow-dryer to “cool” right before you start twisting.

Step 4. Add a dime of styling cream to help tame frizz and baby hairs or to create some piece-y definition. Optional to apply two or three pumps of a volumizing spray to the crown of your head to poof your pixie up.

Additional reporting by Jenny Jin.