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Nervous About Getting a Pixie Cut? This May Help Ease Your Fears
Vera Anderson/Getty Images

Have you always wanted to try a pixie cut but been too afraid to commit to one because so. Much. Face? (We get it.) Which is why we're making a case for a pixie with a set of long, angled bangs, à la Ms. Berry here. 

Graduated in length so they start shorter and get longer as they sweep across your forehead, some well-placed fringe will soften any facial features (like, shall we say, a generous forehead or a defined jawline) and give you ample styling options as you grow out your hair.

For day-to-day maintenance, blow-dry your bangs to one side using a small paddle brush. The key is to start while your hair is still freshly damp from the shower and move the brush quickly from side to side so your hair doesn't fall flat or get matted down in the process. Add a pinch of wax or pomade at the ends to break things up and create some piece-y definition. On the second or third day, you can twist your bangs back and pin them in place—or slick everything back for a more polished look. 

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