If you’re carefree and classically cool (the type we all want to be, honestly), chances are you’ve considered a pixie haircut. (It's also one of the top-searched styles according to Pinterest's new Pinstyle Report.) And we say: Take the plunge, because we can’t think of anything chicer than a properly sculpted short haircut. Here’s a roundup of the ten best ways to rock this resurged trend and show off that bone structure your mama gave ya. (And head to our hairstyle inspiration board for more looks.) 

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blonde pixie

Michelle Williams

A pixie cut and a platinum dye job are a match made in hairstyle heaven. The addition of peachy lips here gives Williams an angelic look (or would, if it weren't for her seriously badass choker).

pixie hairstyle

Evan Rachel Wood

Visible roots are as effortlessly cool on a pixie as they are on long, beachy waves, which you may be more familiar with. This kind of two-toned hair color is also a great way to rock a platinum shade against fair skin without looking washed out.

pixie haircut with bangs

Jennifer Hudson

Long, choppy pieces in the front create a sophisticated fringe and are a perfect way to rock the sassy bang trend we’re seeing everywhere on short hair. Clearly it helps if your name is any spelling of Jennifer, too.

brunette pixie haircut

Ruby Rose

Add more drama to your look by taking the Ruby Rose approach to pixies—volume, texture and more volume. A look like this also keeps hair off your face, emphasizing any glamorous smoky eyes if you so choose.

short pixie hair

Ginnifer Goodwin

On the flipside, the opposite approach in terms of volume ends up having a similar effect: This tight, cropped version keeps all eyes on Goodwin's face, where she lets her immaculate brows be the focus of her look.

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pixie cut

Annette Bening

Believe us when we say that if you have incredible cheekbones like Bening, you were born to rock this haircut. Lots of layers keep the look soft and easy to play with.

pixie haircut with bangs 2


Another approach? Ditch the brush. Zendaya’s hair has an “I woke up like this” vibe in a shaggy, undone style.

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pixie cut 2

Kristen Wiig

Fashion tip: If you’re going for a pixie cut, look into high-neck blouses (which just so happen to be super trendy right now). The two together perfectly elongate your frame.

brunette pixie haircut 2

Millie Bobby Brown

Yes, she’s 12. And yes, we are grown women in complete awe of how she rocks a short cut. Her tucked and lightly styled locks are a good example of how manageable a longer pixie is, and evidence of how great it'll look if you ever choose to grow it out. 

pixie hairstyle 2

Sarah Paulson

This right here is proof that you fake pixie, and gorgeously, we might add. By pinning back one side of her bob and combing over the longer pieces in the front, Sarah’s got an instant pixie-like updo. 

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