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The Surprising Way You Should Actually Fill In Your Eyebrows
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While some ladies dream of super dark, defined arches (think, Lily Collins) others might be looking for something a tad lighter and more feathery (like Emma Watson). One thing most of us can agree on, however, is that we want them to look fuller, somehow. Here’s a foolproof approach for beefing up your brows in your own way.

What you need: A clean spoolie and a brow pencil that’s one to two shades lighter than your natural color. (Or you could go for a double-ended pencil that has both.)

What you do: Using the spoolie, brush the hairs down on each brow. Then, fill in any sparse areas from the top, making sure not to press down too hard with the pencil. Finish by brushing the hairs back into place.

Why it works: Though we’ve typically been told to brush hairs up to see where we should fill in our brows, brushing them down actually gives a better idea of their natural shape. This way you can easily fill in the areas that need help without changing the line or arches. By using a lighter shade to do so, you can add bulk without it looking artificial, and by brushing everything together at the end, you blend it all into place.

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