8 Beauty Trends That Will Be Huge in 2017

And you can start wearing them now

We’ve all come down from the glittery hoopla of the holidays, but that doesn’t mean you should stop experimenting with beauty trends in the new year. In fact, it’s the easiest (and, in our humble opinion, most fun) resolution you can make. Try out a new lipstick shade, nail polish or hair color and you’ll feel instantly refreshed.

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Bold Lips

The key to rocking these mega-watt lips without having them looking too excessive? Balance them out with minimal makeup elsewhere. That keeps things crisp and modern (and less like you’ve been playing in your mom’s makeup).

Bright Blush

Also known as “draping,” this technique relies on blush (not contouring powders) to enhance your facial features. Stick to poppy pinks or vivid corals and concentrate the color along the temples and tops of your cheeks to keep things light and lifted.

Smoky Eye Updates

Think beyond the taupes and grays—or simply add a new hue to the mix. Olivia here shows us that a pop of blue liner can make all the difference. Darker greens and rich plums have a similarly striking effect.

A Burgundy Smoky Eye Is the Perfect Eye Makeup Update

Oxblood Everything

Consider the shade your new neutral. And you can wear it from your lids and lips to your fingertips. It’s just a slightly edgy update to your evening makeup.

How to Rock Dark Lipstick Like a Grown-Up

Chrome Nails

Metallic nails of the past were shimmery and a tad streaky. Metallic nails now are smooth and mirror-like (which makes the look surprisingly refined). Getting that chrome finish requires a gel polish base and a special powder that is carefully buffed on top in thin layers and sealed with topcoat. Ask your salon if it offers the service—or try one of these cult polishes to get a similar effect at home.

Braided Topknots

Don’t get us wrong, we love a classic topknot—in fact, it’s sort of become our go-to during the weekends (OK, fine, on most weekdays, too). But it was starting to feel a little boring. Add a braided embellishment, however, and suddenly everything that’s old is new again.

No-heat Hairstyles

It’s time to embrace your natural textures, ladies. Rather than trying to coax your hair into submission with a curling wand or flatiron, work a little product into freshly washed strands and let it do its thing—whether that’s messy waves, soft ringlets, straight or something in between.

Ash-blonde Hair Color

Buttery blondes and golden highlights have been supplanted by cool, ashy, bordering-gray (if not completely silver) locks. One (rather compelling) reason to try the look? Dark roots are actually encouraged because they add dimension to the look—and your face.

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