6 Ways to Style Bangs While They Grow Out

We’ve all been there: You get cute bangs, you love said cute bangs and then you’re over them and decide to grow them out. Only, it takes longer than you’d like and there are some weeks in-between where you’re tempted to just cut them all over again. When you inevitably hit that moment, we hope these six styles will help.  

Every Type of Bangs, Explained

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Part Them In The Center

À la the curtain bang trend that's been going strong for the past couple years. Coax your overgrown fringe into shape by applying the teensiest amount of gel to damp roots and blow-drying them to part in the middle and frame your face.

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Part Them To The Side

Or brush your bangs up and over so they swoop and fall to one side. Again, a little bit of gel at the roots and a blow-dryer will help get those hairs in place.

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Braid Them To The Side

Aka a genius (and chic) solution to overgrown side-fringe. Simply braid and secure the tail to your head using bobby pins.

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Try An Accessory

P.S. They're trending now. For that in-between phase when your bangs are too short to tuck behind your ears but constantly in your eyes, nothing beats a few strategically placed accessories.

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Tuck Them Behind One Ear

And when your bangs get a tad longer, gather them to your favorite side (you know the one) and tuck them behind your ear, allowing the rest of your hair to fall over so it's blended.

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Slick Everything Back

The quickest fix? Grab thee some gel or styling cream and slick it all back for an evening.

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