6 Haircuts Everyone in London Wants Right Now

For our mates across the pond, there’s an overarching desire for ease that’s influencing the range of haircuts being requested in salons these days. Whether it’s an intentionally longer fringe that won’t require frequent trims or a shaggy cut that’s meant to be worn with your natural texture, these low-maintenance styles are plenty chic without being fussy. Below, peep the six haircuts that are reigning supreme in London right now.

5 Haircuts Everyone in Los Angeles Wants Right Now

1. Curtain Bangs

It’s the style that knows no borders. Curtain bangs are as big a hit abroad as they are stateside—and for good reason. Just long enough to wear down or parted to either side, the slightly overgrown fringe works on any hair texture, is easy to style and grows out like a dream.

2. Choppy Bobs

One of the main headliners for fall? A blunt bob that sits squarely above the shoulders. The volume-boosting cut is chic and surprisingly versatile. Wear it tousled on wash days and iron it straight the next.

3. Curly Bobs

For those with curly hair, a bob with thoughtfully placed layers will take the weight out of the cut and give your hair more movement so you can let your natural texture shine.

4. Short Shags

As seen on everyone from Billie Eilish to Miley Cyrus over the past year, this cut is defined by its intentionally stark layers that are shorter at the front with more length at the back. (You may also recognize the trendy style from TikTok.)

5. Modern Mullets

The next iteration of the shag is the modern mullet, which features even shorter layers and longer pieces through the sides and back. The difference between today’s mullet and those of the ‘80s? The layers, though extreme, blend together, so it doesn’t look like two different haircuts in one.

6. Extra-long Layers

And for anyone who has become attached to longer than usual hair after spending the past year and a half in quarantine, there’s always the option to keep the length, but add longer layers throughout to switch things up just so.