Octopus Haircuts, Shullets, Mixies and More: The 5 Haircut Trends That Are Shaping 2022

Sure, it’s the Year of the Tiger, but it’s also the year of the octopus haircut. And the mixie (mullet pixie) and the shullet (shaggy mullet). Yes, we’re just as tickled as you are by these ridiculous names, but they sure do grab your attention, don’t they? Ahead, the five haircuts that are trending to become the most-requested styles this year.

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1. The Octopus Haircut

Named for the way the cut is round and more bulbous up top and spreads out at the bottom (like an octopus head and its tentacles), the style shares many similarities with a shag. Ask your stylist for lots of wispy layers—or better yet, bring in an inspiration photo like the one above.

2. The Mixie

As celebrity hairstylist and R+Co collective member Jenny Cho explains, “a mixie is an edgy haircut that is longer in the back, like a mullet, and shorter in the front, like a pixie—a mullet meets pixie. Depending on your texture, it’s generally a low maintenance style because of the loose length around the hairline.”

3. The Shullet

Another mashup of words, the shullet is a cross between a shag and mullet. (It also goes by “the wolf cut” on TikTok.) Defined by its generous texture throughout, it’s a solid style for those with naturally finer strands because it adds body.

4. The Smullet

Similar idea as “the shullet,” but shorter all around. The ideal length for a smullet falls just at or above your shoulders to give it more of a lob look.

5. The Power Bob

Any Succession fans out there? Due to the immense popularity of the hit HBO show, there’s apparently a rise in requests for a sleek, power bob. To replicate the style, make sure you keep the length at or just below the chin and unlike the other cuts on this list, you’ll want to steer clear of any layers.

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