The Best Haircuts for Thick Hair That Work with Your Glorious Volume

Those of us with thick hair usually have one objective when considering a new haircut: to decrease the potential for poof. As Jasmine Burnside, editorial and celebrity hairdresser explains, “With thick hair, you have a high density of strands per square inch of your scalp.” Some folks also have thicker individual strands (hi!), which adds even more bulk.

The good news is that volume is never an issue. Rather, you’re optimizing your abundant mane by creating some shape and movement throughout. “For me, it's less about finding the best haircut, but more about how you cut the hair and the techniques and tools you use,” says Burnside.

“Depending on the desired haircut, I would approach the look by using a razor to take out weight from the inside, which you can see in action here. If the hair is on the frizzier side, using a scissor to slide cut gives similar results,” she adds.

This is why finding a skilled stylist who can work with your hair and styling preferences is so important. Having some points of reference can also help, which is what we’ll help you with ahead.

1. Long Layers

For those who prefer a low maintenance cut, adding long layers throughout can break up the bulk without requiring any more upkeep. As Trace Henningsen, a celebrity hairstylist and ambassador for Leonor Greyl explains, “The secret weapon to thick hair is long layers because they create movement and make your hair feel lighter.”

2. Blunt Ends

Isla Fisher’s lush curls look especially polished thanks to those clean-cut ends.

3. Textured Bob

Another option for thick and wavy hair? A textured bob, with blunt ends and some bulk removed from the inside to bring out that beachy texture.

4. Wavy Bob

Here’s a 360 look (click through the photos) of a similar style with slightly more textured ends. “I like to use thinning sheers to lighten up the ends, starting just a few inches from the scalp,” says Priscilla Valles, a celebrity extentionist in Los Angeles.

5. Sleek Bob

On the flip side, we have a sleek, straight bob that sits squarely above the shoulders. The weight is removed from the inside, so what you see is this flattering shape instead of the dreaded triangle.

6. Asymmetrical Cut

Thick curls do well with this style because there’s a balance between the natural weight of your hair and thoughtfully placed layers to give the whole look some shape.

7. Shoulder-length Lob

Dead ends weighing you down? A soft, layered lob that falls at or just below the shoulders is an ideal length for thick tresses.

8. Face-framing Layers

No matter your texture, face-framing layers add flattering shape—regardless of whether you decide to wear your hair curly one day and straight the next.

9. Curtain Bangs

Did you really think you’d make it this far into a hair story without seeing a mention of curtain bangs? Jokes aside, the parted fringe works especially well on thick hair (as seen to great effect here).

10. ‘90s Layers

You know the look: Long, otherwise sleek hair, save for the curled in ends.

11. Textured Shag

Note: This cut will require more upkeep due to the different layers and their placement. However, if you’re seeking a funky fresh change, a textured shag certainly delivers.

12. Blended Shag

For a softer take on the look, opt for longer, blended layers and use color placement to break up the texture.

13. Shorter Shag

You could also go shorter with choppy layers and thinned out ends.

14. Swept-over Pixie

Let the natural weight of your hair do the work for you by sweeping it over to one side.

15. Undercut Pixie

Removing hair from underneath can keep the overall cut from looking like a mushroom cap. (Tip: You can do this with longer hair as well.)

16. Defined Curls

Let your natural texture shine by keeping the layers light and long so everything sits just above your shoulders.

17. Tucked-in Bob

“Thick hair usually gets very bulky on the bottom and behind the neck. Depending on the natural texture, I would use a razor cut to take the weight out just behind the neck,” shares Chiran Hayasaka, a stylist at Fekkai At The Mark.

18. A-line Bob

Show off your lush locks with a blunt bob and slight A-lined ends to graze your collarbones (and gently frame your face).

19. Curly Fawcett

ICYMI: Farrah Fawcett-inspired hair has made a triumphant return thanks to TikTok. This flipped out style shines on thick curls.

20. Angled Pixie

Keep the back and sides snipped close to your head to balance out the weight of the longer pieces on top.

21. Mid-length Magic

Torn between going short or staying long? A mid-length cut is a happy (and flattering) medium that does well with heavier hair.

22. Mid-length With Fringe

Again, mid-length cut = magic on thick hair. A full fringe (and playful highlights) add extra sparkle.

23. Sculpted Curls

This side-by-side comparison shows how much a good haircut can liven up thick curls.

24. Swept-over Waves

If your styling MO is less is more, you can’t go wrong with a swept-over style and barely-there layers.

25. Side-swept Curls

Textured, piecier layers remove excess weight, while adding movement and shape.

26. French Girl Bob

Oo la la. The flipped ends, the rounded bangs, the cheekbone grazing ends. It’s all trés bien.

27. Full Fringe

You know who pulls off bangs like no one else? You, because you have the heft to keep them from looking stringy.

28. Volume Waves

Work with your god given volume and have your stylist just clean up the ends and add a few, well-placed layers in the front to give your hair a little shape.

29. Tapered Bob

This bob is like the undercut styles above, but with less contrast between the longer and shorter layers, so the effect is softer.

30. Modern Mullet

And if you’re done with subtle and looking for more of a statement style, we present the modern mullet, which is all the rage these days.