The Coolest Styling Hack for Thick Hair, According to TikTok

Having thick hair is (mostly) a blessing. You seldom have to worry about having enough volume, you can go longer without shampooing than your fine-haired friends, and man, do you rock a blowout. Sure, it takes forever for your hair to dry, and you’ve broken more hair ties than you can remember, but it’s a relatively small price to pay for your lush locks.

Also, thanks to TikTok’s endless trove of styling hacks, we’ve picked up yet another trick to managing our thick hair on the daily: the claw clip.

Though the claw clip itself isn’t new, it’s being reintroduced with some clever new ways of wearing it (like many of the ‘90s trends that have been making a comeback recently).

Scroll ahead to see how you can use a claw clip on thick hair.

For starters, you’ll want to get yourself a larger clip. Tip: The longer your hair is, the larger your clip should be to ensure that you’re securing every strand.

Rather than simply twist your hair and then secure the ends with a clip like you may have done in the past, use the clip to anchor your strands at the base of your neck before twisting the rest of your hair up into it.

See it again here on curly hair. Note: It might require a few more re-watches to get the hang of this trick, but you essentially loop your hair over and around the clip before snapping it shut. This added loop reinforces the hold of the clip, so it’s more secure against your head.

OK, one more time with a closer look at how the hair should be wrapped around the clip.

And if all else fails, you can also tie your hair back into a low ponytail with an elastic before adding the claw clip. This is especially helpful if you have very thick strands or prefer a tighter style.

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