The 13 Best-Smelling Shampoos That'll Make You Never Want to Leave the Shower

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We know we're not supposed to wash our hair every day, but it's hard not to when some shampoos smell, like, incredible. And since aromatherapy is practically a tenant of self-care, we rounded up the best-smelling drugstore and luxury shampoos on our shower shelves right now. From floral-scented formulas (ahem, Klorane Sensitive Scalp Shampoo) to fresh and fruity-smelling formulas (including our fav No.1 Mermaid Shampoo, of course), these 13 hair cleansers not only smell edible, but they're also great for most hair types.

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best smelling shampoo paul mitchell

1. Paul Mitchell Clarifying Shampoo Two

Most Energizing Scent

Let's start things off with a little nostalgia. As youths, this Paul Mitchell formula got the chlorine out of our hair post-swim. As adults, the energizing lemon scent delights us just as much during the 50th wash as it does the first. The vegan and color-safe formula aims to minimize oil production so that hair isn't as oily over time.

best smelling shampoo klorane

2. Klorane Shampoo With Peony Sensitive Scalp

Best Flower Scent

Like its name suggests, this shampoo is made with—and thus, smells like—peonies. Fresh, bright and lovely. Plus, the pH-balanced formula helps soothe irritated and sensitive scalps.

best smelling shampoo biolage
Ulta Beauty

3. Biolage Hydrasource Shampoo

Best-Blended Scent

Here's what you need to know: Of the 582 reviews on Ulta, a whopping 335 called out its amazing smell (which is like a blend of herbs, FYI). Oh, and btw, the aloe vera-based formula leaves hair looking and feeling silky and moisturized.

best smelling shampoo ouai

4. Ouai Fine Shampoo

Best Overall

This cult-favorite formula has a devoted following for a reason: It turns hair volume all the way up while also effervescing a fruity, floral and musky scent that seems more like a fancy perfume. Plus, it's packed with biotin, keratin and nourishing chia seed oil to help address hair damage and dryness.

best smelling shampoo r co

5. R+co Dallas Biotin Thickening Shampoo

Sexiest Spring Scent

Speaking of sexy scents, this thickening shampoo smells warm and romantic with hints of cardamom, pineapple, citrus, lavender and bamboo. It's also infused with coconut oil and saw palmetto berry extract, which intends to promote overall scalp health.

best smelling shampoo kiehls
Ulta Beauty

6. Kiehl's Amino Acid Shampoo

Most Subtle Scent

If you prefer something gentler, this cleanser makes hair feel next-level soft while smelling practically edible (coconut oil and wheat are main ingredients). Plus, the formula keeps all hair types in mind.

best smelling shampoo mermaid hair

7. No1 Mermaid Hair Shampoo

Most Unique Scent

This brand is focused primarily on perfume, so you know the scents have to be good. The verdict on the shampoo? It's a combination of fresh orange blossom and coconut and reminds us of a day at the beach. The formula also uses quinoa protein and sea kelp ingredients to provide deep hydration to hair.

best smelling shampoo shu uemura

8. Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil Shampoo

Best Citrus Scent

The official name of this scent is Yuzu Calm, but to us, it's just a lightly floral, subtly citrus blend of wonderfulness. We also love the way the neroli essential oil-based formula targets dry strands and itchy scalps.

best smelling shampoo fekkai

9. Fekkai Shea Butter Shampoo

Best Shea Butter Scent

We don't know about you, but we can't get enough of shea butter. Not only does it improve softness, but it also deeply moisturizes. So, of course, we're obsessed with this shea butter-based shampoo. It aims to smooth strands, eliminate frizz and tangles and reduce split ends.

best smelling shampoo kerastase

10. Kerastase Bain Chronologiste Regenerant Shampoo

Most Luxurious Scent

What does this smell like? The long answer is it's a little like a masculine cologne, with a sophisticated scent that lingers. The short answer? Luxury. FYI, it was designed to target signs of aging hair and scalp—aka it helps strengthen roots and strands.

best smelling shampoo herbal essence

11. Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Shampoo

Best Coconut Scent

At the end of the day, though, it's hard to beat a $6 bottle of tried-and-true Herbal Essences. The creamy and coconut-scented formula gives hair a deep clean leaving it smooth and soft.

best smelling shampoo philosophy

12. Philosophy Fresh Cream Shampoo

Freshest Scent

When a shampoo smells as fresh as this one and doubles as a shower gel, there's really no choice but to add to cart. The creamy, subtle, vanilla-scented formula cleanses and conditions skin and hair.

best smelling shampoo briogeo

13. Briogeo Superfoods Mango + Cherry Oil Control & Balancing Shampoo

Best Fruit Combination

Who knew mango and cherry would smell so good together? The nutrient-rich formula supports scalp and hair health, plus it aims to help balance oil production.