12 Low-Maintenance Haircuts That Won't Eat Up Your Morning Routine

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Some women are experts at wielding a curling iron. Others can braid with lightning speed and precision. We are not those women (though we’ve certainly tried on occasion). Thankfully, with the right cut you can get by with minimal effort and still look put-together. Here, 12 of our favorite ladies and their wonderfully simple (but no less chic) low-maintenance haircuts.

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jen aniston
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1. Long Layers

There is perhaps no one who epitomizes laid-back beauty more than Jen Aniston. She’s been rocking long, face-framing layers for years now and we can’t blame her. It’s always flattering and requires little more than a trim every few months.

low-maintenance haircuts rachel 2.0
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2. The Rachel 2.0

Speaking of Jen Aniston, her iconic Rachel cut from the '90s is back with few small updates to make it easier to manage. Mainly, the layers are longer now. You want the shortest pieces to frame your face, while keeping enough length throughout so you don't get those aggressively flipped out ends that made the look difficult to style back in its heyday.

jess alba
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3. Single Length Cut

You can also skip the layers altogether and keep your hair one length for a polished look. It’s particularly great for super-straight or thinner strands (as blunt ends create the illusion of fullness).

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4. Layered Curls

FYI: Curly hair actually behaves better with a fresh cut. Clearing the shoulders and adding some layers throughout will yield maximum spring.

low maintenance haircuts long curls
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5. Long Curls

If you're hesitant to let go of length (we get it), keep your curls long and ask your stylist to just add some layers throughout to remove some bulk and coax out your curl pattern. Tip: To keep your curls smooth, apply a styling cream to wet hair, scrunch or twist and let it air dry (or use a diffuser to speed things up).

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6. An Angular Lob

The reason why the lob has been the reigning style for years is because it just works. Nearly every hair texture agrees with it, and it grows out like a dream. Ask for a little length in the front (so the longest pieces skim your collarbone) and have it gradually shorten as it reaches the back so you can maintain the shape until your next trim.

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7. A Shoulder-Length Shag

OK, so what about all of us who have already been rocking a lob and want a little change? Grow it out a tad and add long bangs to frame either side of your face (aka curtain bangs). Then, in the mornings, let it air-dry for some serious ’70s vibes.

low maintenance haircuts pixie shag
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8. A Pixie Shag

This cut features longer layers on top and shorter, softer bangs to complete the look. It's an easily manageable and super stylish take on the classic shag (that also gives a retro ‘70s vibe). To rock the look like Lisa Rinna, invest in a paste that defines the layers and creates body for a shorter shape.

mindy kaling
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9. A Blunt Bob

If volume is of top concern to you, skip the layers and opt for crisp, blunt ends instead. To keep things from looking matronly, ask for a little angling in the front and then all you have to do (beyond a quick round-brush blow-dry) is a cute little tuck behind the ears.

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10. A Pixie

Sure, you might need to trim it every few weeks, but on a day-to-day basis a pixie cut requires little more than some pomade. Keep the front longer and the sides and back cropped closely so you can play around with different styles. (We love this swooped-back look on Jennifer Hudson.)

low-maintenance haircuts deep layers
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11. Deep Layers

Again, if you're not ready to go shorter, you may feel more comfortable with getting longer, deeper layers that are cut on the inside to give your hair more definition, while still keeping the lengths fresh and bouncy. Tip: Apply a volumizing mousse to damp roots before drying the area in the opposite direction of your part.

low maintenance haircuts buzz cut
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12. A Buzz Cut

Last but not least, the easiest cut to style of all: a buzz cut (aka the big chop). Yes, you will need to stay on top of regular trims to keep things short, but on the day-to-day, the buzz cut is as hands off as it gets.

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