The 7 Best Makeup Tricks to Make You Look More Awake

There was a time in our lives when makeup was all about experimentation (and occasionally it still is). But for the typical Monday to Friday grind, it serves one purpose and one purpose only: to make us look a little more pulled together and a lot less like we haven't slept properly in weeks. Here, the seven tricks we use to look more awake.

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7 Overnight Beauty Tricks to Help You Wake Up Gorgeous

mix foundation

Mix Your Skin Care with Your Foundation
We’re at the age when we have a few extra emollients floating around. And that’s excellent since they can make your foundation go on flawlessly. Mix one pump of hydrating serum with a pump of liquid foundation and blend from the middle of your face out to get dewy, even skin with zero fuss.

Use Concealer in Unexpected Spots
After tackling any under-eye shadows or blemishes, be sure to add some concealer around your nose and mouth to get rid of any redness or discoloration there. It’s the smallest thing that makes the biggest difference.

use highlighter
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And Use Your Highlighter in Unexpected Spots
You already know what a dab of highlighter can do for your cheekbones, but the real magic happens when you add a tiny dot of the stuff under your lower lash lines. The light-reflective particles draw attention to the center of your eyes (and away from the shadows below them), making the entire area look brighter.

Rethink the Placement of Your Blush
Though we’ve been taught to apply blush to the apples of our cheeks since the beginning of time, it turns out that putting it directly onto the hollows of them first (and then patting any remaining color onto the apples) gives you a more lifted (and sculpted) appearance. Tip: Use a cream blush for this as it’s easier to control and doesn’t require a brush.

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Skip the Smoky Eyes
Or save them for a night out. For day, a simple sweep of neutral shadow (like beige or taupe) and a flick of liner is much more eye-opening (as darker shades can make your peepers look smaller). Not to mention, it’s far less time consuming to do. Perhaps this is why it’s currently trending in Hollywood?

But Never Skip the Mascara
Fact: Lush, curled lashes are the key to looking more wide-eyed and awake. Get the most out of your mascara by running the wand over the tops of your lashes before applying it on the underside as you normally would. So you get even darker and fuller-looking fringe.

add lipstick

Add a Swipe of Lipstick
And if mascara is the key to looking more wide-eyed and awake, lipstick is the fastest way to pull the whole thing together. On any given day, a soft pink will add just enough color to your face to brighten things up (whereas a bold red or coral is good to have on hand for those particularly rough mornings when you need a little extra help).

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