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The Two Spots Where You Arent Applying Concealer (but Should)
Todor Tsvetkov/Getty Images

Ah, concealer. Every lady’s miracle worker. You reach for it on those days when you didn’t get enough sleep and need to cover up dark circles (so pretty much always) or when you wake up with an unexpected zit on your chin (more often than we’d hope at this age). But there’s one more way it can change your life.

What you do: After tackling your under-eyes and blemishes, swipe some concealer around your nostrils and mouth in little parentheses-like shapes. Blend and follow with the rest of your makeup.

What this does: Most of us have discoloration around our noses and mouths that makes us look blotchy and tired. But you might never have noticed it. By dabbing concealer in these spots, you’re helping your overall complexion look brighter and more even. It may sound odd, but try it tomorrow morning and see for yourself why we swear by it.

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