The Biggest Eye Makeup Trend Right Now Is Also Really Easy to Do

Raise your hand if you’ve been wearing some version of a smoky eye for the last, oh, decade? Not for nothing; it’s a good look that works on pretty much anyone. It’s just not an everyday look. Which is why we’re thrilled about the latest makeup trend in Hollywood: bare, minimalist, practically naked eyes. Here, ten ways some of our favorite ladies have been rocking it (plus tips on how you can, too).

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olivia munn
Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Olivia Munn

Beachy with a hint of old Hollywood glamour, Olivia keeps her lids bare and lets her lips do the talking.

lily collins list
C. Flanigan/Getty Images

Lily Collins

Swap the red lip for a brown-ish mauve to get more of an edgy (but not too severe) effect like Lily here. 

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zoe list
Steve Granitz/Getty Images

Zoe Saldana

The key to rocking lilac lids is to create a soft but noticeable contrast between the pale shadow and your eyes. Line them with a dark brown pencil and you’re set.

naomi list
Steve Granitz/Getty Images

Naomi Campbell

Another case for a wash of lilac shadow, but this time add the tiniest touch of pearly shimmer in the inner corners of your eyes to make them look brighter and more awake.

michelle williams list
Steve Granitz/Getty Images

Michelle Williams

Who needs loads of eye shadow when your cheeks are rosy? Make like Michelle here and tap on some cream blush, making sure to bring the color up to the tops of your cheekbones so you get a sculpted effect (without having to contour).

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kerry list
Jeffrey Mayer/Getty Images

Kerry Washington

Burgundy lipstick and a full-on smoky eye can look a tad harsh. Dark lips and full lashes, however, are fresh and surprisingly elegant.

diane kruger list
Paul Bruinooge/Getty Images

Diane Kruger

Fact: A sheer-like gray brings out blue eyes. Stick to something that has a subtle shimmer so you get the perfect balance between sultry and bright.

constance wu list
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Constance Wu

Whereas dark shadows can close off eyes, lighter shades have the opposite effect. Curl your lashes and add a few coats of mascara (tip: waterproof formulas work best on straight hairs) to really open up your peepers.

kristen bell list
Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

Kristen Bell

Get more use out of your highlighter by swiping it across your lids to get them glowing like Kristen here. Add a subtle flick of liner and a few coats of mascara to finish.

alexis bledel list
Barry King/Getty Images

Alexis Bledel

Counterintuitive as it may seem, the less makeup you wear, the younger you look—which is probably the best thing about this trend. (That and the fact that it involves fewer steps.) In any case, we’ll have whatever Rory (err, Alexis) is having.

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