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Go, you! You made a new friend totally on your own. (We get it. Unless you met via your daughter’s ballet class or hubby’s work thing, it’s not the easiest thing to do.) Here, six solid predictors that your newfound friendship is the real deal.

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friendship text

You Text or Email Back Right Away

There are those texts and emails you wait to respond to and then there are ones you can’t wait to return. If you’re eager to reply—and you receive an equally fast response from your new friend—it’s a sign your relationship is destined to grow.

friendship meeting

You Make an Effort to Make Regular Plans

It’s less about frequency and more about a commitment to consistent face time. Social media is great and all, but if you don’t schedule time to hang in person, it’ll be hard for the friendship to build.

friendship dog

But You Never Give Each Other Grief If Something Comes Up

You both understand: Sh*t happens. So if she cancels last minute because her dog escaped through the backyard fence and now she’s driving around the neighborhood yelling “Rover!” you’ll forgive her for missing wine night. Maybe you’ll even join the search party.

friendship work1

You Don't Just Talk About Work

Sure, office drama (whether you work together or not) is an easy way to connect, but the two of you talk about so much else—from your family to your favorite TV shows—that your catch-up sessions are rarely long enough to cover all the topics you want to discuss.

friendship phone

You Ignore Your Phones—For the Most Part

If she needs to be on call for the nanny, that’s one thing. But if she responds to every Facebook or Instagram notification that pops up while you’re supposed to be spending QT together, it’s a sign that she’s distracted—and potentially wants to be somewhere else. 

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friednship salad

You Never Let Food Between Her Teeth Go By (and Vice Versa)

Friends don’t let friends walk around with spinach stuck between their pearly whites. Besides, better that you point it out and not her PTA frenemy who’s always ready to pounce when she picks her daughter up after school.

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