10 Online Dating Stories from Real Women That Will Make You Want to Stay Single for Eternity
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You finally get up the courage to swipe right. He seems great on the phone. He wants to meet up for dinner. He actually looks like his profile photo! And then...he tells you you’re the 57th blind date he’s taken to Chez Henry. This year. You’re not alone: Here are ten totally true online dating stories from real women to make you feel better. (Or much, much worse.)

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“I met a guy online and we hit it off. After a few more dates, I eventually went back to his place. Things were going great, until he pulled out an eye patch and asked me to put it on while we were doing the deed. Nope.” – Kelly, Arkansas

“I went on a date with this guy who literally said ‘Amen!’ or ‘Hallelujah!’ after everything I said. He mentioned in his profile that he was religious, which is a plus for me, but this was just intense. I had picked the restaurant, and when we got there, he shouted, “Amen! Looks great. Amen!” I mentioned I had two nieces and a nephew and he erupted in a ‘Hallelujah!’ I’m all for people having faith, but this was just so odd.” – Erika, Washington D.C.

“This guy looked really cute in all of his pictures. It wasn't until he showed up at the bar that I realized he had no pictures showing him smiling. Because when he smiled, he was missing all of his front teeth.” – Dana, Ohio 

“So he took me to a nice restaurant, which seemed like a good start. I went to the bathroom to wash my hands, and when I got back, he had ordered one glass of rosé for the two of us. He passed it to me like I was receiving communion at church. At the end of the night I was very ready to head home, but he proposed that we ‘go get a handle of vodka, pregame at my place, pump some jams and start a dance party, then let's go hit the clubs after. Cause NYC doesn't start until midnight.’ It was a Tuesday. I got in a cab as fast as I could.” – Jessica, New York

“This one man I went out with was a prominent author with a lot of fans. He also had a very noticeable burping problem. I tried to pretend I didn’t notice, but at one point he forgot to cover his mouth and literally burped in my face.” – Ashley, New York

“My date and I just weren’t hitting it off, so I was upfront and honest. I told him I just didn't see a connection and that I wouldn't be calling him again. He got pretty upset and told me he thought I was really special because I seemed liked I was ‘Times New Roman in the streets, but Wingdings in the sheets.’ Needless to say, I left immediately.” - Kerry, Texas

"So…my date and I got pretty drunk. I passed out around midnight and thought he had left. A friend who was staying with us at the time came home at 3 a.m. and found him passed out on our front lawn. It was snowing, and he was covered in half an inch of snow. So she brought him in and let him sleep on the couch. In the morning, instead of being embarrassed and leaving, he unpacked a Wii from his backpack and hooked it up to my TV. Then he ordered pizza, ate six slices, crushed a six-pack of Bud Light and ate a pint of Ben & Jerry's, which he covered in chocolate sauce and M&Ms and ate with a soup spoon. Eventually, he left." – Rebecca, New Jersey

"This one man I dated kept bringing a friend along in case of an emergency. The friend would sit at a different table and wait for a signal if things weren't going well. I didn't find out until a few dates in when the friend was still coming along. You think the guy would learn I wasn't a serial killer after four or five dates, but I guess he was just super nervous." – Laura, Massachusetts

“I once went on a date with a man who asked me to open my mouth so he could count my teeth. (He wanted to make sure I had the correct number.)” – Joanne, Pennsylvania

“The date was going pretty well, until I asked what he was doing that weekend. He told me he was going to drive to Rhode Island to sit outside Taylor Swift's beach house. (As in, stalk Taylor Swift. He did not know her.)” – Shelby, Maine

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