Your Monthly Horoscopes: March 2022

It’s all happening! The first week of March is packed with definitive transits, all centered around a gorgeous new moon in Pisces on the 2nd. As the moon refreshes itself alongside bountiful Jupiter, we too can luxuriate in the sheer range of possibilities before us. Some might call Pisces delusional or out of this world, but couldn’t we all use a little fantasy right now? Mercury enters dreamy Pisces on the 9th, allowing words to spill out of us like poetry while we process what’s happened so far this year.

Mars and Venus, who have been engaged in a will-they/won’t-they dance since early February, both move into Aquarius on the 6th where they make their final conjunction (after meeting up originally on February 16th). Mars-Venus aspects bring clashes between what we desire and how we pursue that longing. This final meeting of the two relational planets reveals that though we can’t always get what we want, we might just get what we need. Things aren’t immediately easy though, as Venus remains caught between Mars and Saturn (in a configuration that ancient astrologers called besiegement—doesn’t sound cute, does it?) through the 28th. There’s still more to be worked out and whatever we’ve negotiated thus far may feel dissatisfying until then.

The vibe shifts in the middle of the month when we get a full moon in Virgo on the 18th: a practical, grounded reality check amidst the haze of Pisces season. Then the sun moves into firebrand Aries on the 20th—happy birthday to our dynamo Aries divas like Jill Scott, Celine Dion and Mariah Carey. Messenger Mercury glides into Aries on the 27th ensuring that our opinions are loud, our laughs are buoyant, and our points are clear as we close out the month.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that sign may provide further insight.)

12 aries

Burning the candle at both ends is no longer the look for you, Aries. The new moon in Pisces on the 2nd falls in your unconscious sector and is a gentle nudge to step out of the spotlight and get some rest. Let someone else take the lead for once. Seriously. With your ruling planet Mars entering Aquarius and your friendship zone on the 6th, you’re more excited this month about group projects than personal achievement which is a welcome change of pace. Once your season begins on the 20th (happy solar return!), you’re ready to exit hibernation and reconnect with friends at a marathon birthday party.

Love Horoscope: On the 6th, Mars (action) clashes with Venus (desire) and you meet someone through a close friend or coworker who leaves you feeling smitten. But despite thinking you were a match, she might be less impressed. Don’t lose hope though as this romance may resurface once Venus moves into romantic Pisces in early April.

Money Horoscope: Money planet Venus spends most of the month trapped between a rock (Mars) and a hard place (Saturn) making your finances tight at best and chaotic at worst. If you’ve been wanting to start a side hustle, this is a good time for a soft launch. The money won’t flow in immediately, but you’ll get a clear picture about who’s willing to buy what you have to sell.

1 taurus

It’s wonderful that you’ve made so many big moves this year. But what’s the point of living your best life if you’re doing it alone? The new moon in Pisces on the 2nd is a beautiful opportunity for you to reconnect with old friends and make some new connections along the way. Your ruling planet Venus moves into individualist Aquarius and your reputation sector on the 6th, increasing your visibility. It’s exciting to get attention, but not all recognition leads to satisfaction. Watch out for falling into the trap of imposter syndrome and self-doubt. Once Aries season begins on the 20th, you have permission to step out of the spotlight and dig into more behind the scenes work.

Love Horoscope: The long co-presence of Venus and Mars has helped you work through plenty of relationship hurdles, but there’s been a lack of sweetness in your partnerships. Luckily, the full moon in Virgo on the 18th lights up your romance sector and allows you to reignite that initial flame.

Money Horoscope: If you’ve been struggling to pay off a loan or some hefty credit card debt, relief comes on the 21st when an unexpected raise, boost in sales or rent relief allows you to spread your wealth. That said, don’t immediately run and spend your available credit as purchases made after the 27th may be a waste or your hard-earned cash.

2 gemini

With your ruling planet Mercury moving once again at lightning speed, your pace is finally picking up. The new moon in Pisces on the 2nd encourages you to take up more space at work or in the public eye. You’ve spent the last few months solidifying your long-term plans and this month you get to act on them. Once Mercury enters your career sector on the 9th, you’re able to confidently step into the leadership roles you’ve been promised. This is a whirlwind moment that continues until Mercury enters Aries on the 27th. Use the last few days of the month to gather feedback about the progress you’ve made thus far.

Love Horoscope: If you’ve been feeling like your dating pool has totally dried up, the auspicious meeting of the sun and Jupiter on the 5th helps you look at romance with fresh eyes. Then once Aries season begins on the 20th, your social life picks up giving you even more chances to connect.

Money Horoscope: The new moon in Pisces on the 2nd is an auspicious moment for you to make strides in your career which of course includes vying for a promotion or raise. Your power of attraction is off the charts at the top of the month so ask and you shall receive. By the full moon in Virgo on the 18th, you’re using the extra income to invest in better quality furniture and appliances for your home.

3 cancer

Like January and February before it, March begins in the moon’s dark phase, and your energy is at its lowest. The new moon on the 2nd is much more joyful than those that kicked off previous months so though you’re tired, you’re feeling unabashedly optimistic. It’s not delusional to simply be aware of all the possibilities. Any intentions you set now will have long-term effects on your happiness and satisfaction so make them wisely! Your stamina builds throughout the month, peaking at the full moon in Virgo on the 18th when practical changes to your schedule and communications become bedrocks of your big plan. Don’t underestimate the power of shifting your routine!

Love Horoscope: Mars and Venus have been playing a cat and mouse game in your partnership sector since early February, leaving you feeling hot and bothered, and not necessarily in a sexy way. The sexual and romantic frustration finally ends when the relational planets meet for a final time on the 6th. After this climax, power dynamics become undeniably clear, for better or for worse.

Money Horoscope: An auspicious meeting of the sun (our life force) and Jupiter (our collective inspiration) on the 5th brings a boost to your finances. This could be a literal raise or (more likely) a refresh to your attitude about money. The sun enters Aries and your career sector on the 20th bringing more opportunity for recognition and compensation.

4 leo

Though this year’s Pisces season is pretty joyous all around, for you it’s been a quieter, more introspective time. The sun’s journey through Pisces highlights the part of your chart that deals with death, loss and shared resources and you might be swimming in a sea of unfounded fears and existential woes. Remember that you don’t have to investigate every dark corner just because it’s there. Aries season arrives like a breath of fresh air on the 20th allowing you to step out of the void and get back on track with your dreams.

Love Horoscope: On the 6th, both Venus (desire) and Mars (going after that desire) move into your partnership sector where they continue a long co-presence that began back in early February. Though this influence may cause conflict in some of your work relationships, it also encourages you to take your romantic situations more seriously. What if this wasn’t just a fling? When Venus meets Saturn on the 28th, you’re fully ready to commit.

Money Horoscope: The new moon in Pisces on the 2nd invigorates your shared resources sector bringing you good news about an investment, benefits or your spouse’s income. This is an auspicious time to put some extra cushion in your savings or add to your retirement fund. Messenger Mercury enters this part of your chart on the 9th, further encouraging you to get clear about financial details that you usually avoid.

5 virgo

March moves at a much faster pace than January and February. Focus on your to-do list at the top of the month because on the 9th, relationships of all kinds take over your brain space as Mercury enters Pisces. You may find yourself overwhelmed with other people’s problems, but if you’re lucky, you might also be falling in love. The full moon in your sign on the 18th makes it clear that you need to prioritize self-care. Then the month closes with Mercury moving into excitable Aries on the 27th leading you to get your finances and contracts in order.

Love Horoscope: March is for finding a balance in your relationships. The new moon in Pisces on the 2nd highlights your partnership sector, and if you’re looking for love, you could meet someone intriguing around this time (other auspicious dates: the 5th and the 13th—though the latter could lead to something that’s more fantasy than reality). Once Aries season begins on the 20th though, you need to take a close look at the power dynamics bubbling up between you. Consider how much you’re willing to give.

Money Horoscope: With Venus and Mars in your daily grind sector from the 6th onward, you’re certainly working hard this month but are you being compensated properly for your efforts? Once Aries season begins on the 20th, you become aware of just how many invoices have gone unpaid. Time to collect what you’re owed.

6 libra

Whether you’re fighting with your parents or struggling to find an affordable apartment, there’s been constant drama in your home life since November. The good news is that this chapter finally closes on the 6th when Mars and Venus move into Aquarius. The new moon in Pisces on the 2nd similarly inspires you to let go of obligations that suck you dry and focus on building a positive routine. You’re also drawn to getting back into the dating game or recommitting to a hobby over the course of the month. Even if what you’re pursuing isn’t “serious,” it’s important to respect the process. These habits you’re building are meant to last.

Love Horoscope: After over a month of will-they/won’t they games, you get the connection you crave as Venus and Mars meet up in your pleasure sector on the 6th. After that initial release though, things are a bit too complicated to fall into total romantic bliss. Once the sun shifts into Aries on the 20th though, you’re fired up and ready to make passion a priority.

Money Horoscope: Money stress (especially when it comes to paying your rent or making home renovations) peaks on the 3rd before you finally catch a break. Now that the bills are no longer piling up, it’s time to strategize how to save better so this won’t happen again. As Mars squares off with innovative Uranus on the 22nd, you get a surprising influx of cash, new clients or a job offer that would ensure security.

7 scorpio

As March begins, you’re booked and busy, running around town doing everything for everyone. But then on the 6th, your ruler Mars meets up with Venus as both planets shift into removed Aquarius, reminding you how good it feels to just stay home. For the rest of the month, you’re spending more time in your own space but that doesn’t necessarily mean things are chill. Whether your landlord derails your plans for home improvement or your boyfriend announces out of the blue that he’s ready to move in together, there’s more to be worked out before you’re able to settle down.

Love Horoscope: The new moon in Pisces on the 2nd falls in your pleasure sector and if you’re single, this is the perfect day to set up a date with your longtime crush. Whether it’s a romance or just a friend connection, sparks will fly. If you’ve been feeling cynical about love, this is your time to reset your expectations before getting back on the apps or asking a friend to set you up with her cute coworker.

Money Horoscope: If you’ve been struggling to get your money on track, the lucky meeting of the sun and Jupiter on the 5th refreshes your confidence and gets you excited about returning to a job search or refinancing loans. Then on the 18th, the full moon in Virgo puts you in contact with the network you need to make better money moves.

8 sagittarius

Though you’ve been energized since Jupiter entered Pisces back in late December, you’ve also been feeling like you’re closing out a chapter rather than starting a new one. The new moon in Pisces on the 2nd is an ideal moment to begin again, refreshing your life from the ground up. Whether you want to move to a new city, build a stronger connection with your family or just develop better sleep habits, now’s the time to start. The opportune meeting of the sun and Jupiter on the 5th doubles down on this need to renew. Then on the 18th, the full moon in Virgo raises your public profile for the rest of the month. The stronger your foundation, the more you can give to the world.

Love Horoscope: If you’re looking for love, you just might find it once Aries season begins on the 20th, lighting up your pleasure sector. If you’re already partnered, messenger Mercury’s entrance into Aries on the 27th, allows for more open conversation between you and your lover about what you desire. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.

Money Horoscope: The full moon in Virgo on the 18th is a major moment for your career. Whether you’re getting promoted, retiring or psyching yourself up for a job search, your relationship to your cash flow is changing. How can you make decisions that reflect the current state of your resources rather than acting from a scarcity complex?


The new moon in Pisces on the 2nd is a wonderful time to take a break from your responsibilities and go on a quick trip out of town to clear your mind. You’re learning to find happiness in the present moment rather than always wondering what else is out there. Then on the 6th, Mars and Venus finally end their long co-presence in your sign, reducing the intense pressure you’ve felt all year to be everyone’s light in the dark. Once Aries season begins on the 20th, you may decide to retreat and focus only on your home and private life. You’ve always wanted to plant a garden for the spring so why not now?

Love Horoscope: You’ve spent so much time at home with your lover over the course of the pandemic, but now you’re ready to see how you two do on vacation together. The full moon in Virgo on the 18th is an ideal time to get away on a trip that expands both your minds. If traveling isn’t in the cards, you may also want to grow your connection through taking a class or cooking more together.

Money Horoscope: With Mercury, Venus, Mars and Saturn all spending time in your money sector this month, you may feel like everything comes back to the question of, “Is this really worth it?” When Venus meets up with responsible Saturn on the 28th, you’re able to make a smart investment in art, creativity or romance that makes you happy.

10 aquarius

Try as you might to stay out of it, something keeps pulling you back into the center of the fray. Throughout the course of the month, you’re not only the voice of reason, you’re also everyone’s rock. You’re their inspiration! It’s a lot of responsibility to be the person that everyone wants to be. By the time Aries season arrives on the 20th though, you’ll have a better idea why this entire burden has fallen on you. Until then, try to remain patient and take care of yourself! You’re an icon so do what icons do: Get a haircut and take a luxurious bubble bath.

Love Horoscope: After a slow start to the year on the love front, things pick up when the sun enters Aries on the 20th inspiring you to get back on the apps or circulate at local events. The lovers you find earlier in the month may be too clingy and won’t make sense for you in the long term. Wait it out until you find someone as independent as you are.

Money Horoscope: The new moon in Pisces on the 2nd is the perfect moment for you to set intentions for your financial health. Then the fortuitous meeting of the sun (ego) and Jupiter (ambition) on the 5th brings amazing news about your cash flow (in a year that has already seen your net worth on the rise). Trust that you deserve all this abundance!

11 pisces

The month begins with a lush new moon in your sign so why not indulge in some extra self-care? With the sun, Mercury and Jupiter all spending time in Pisces this month, all signs are pointing toward spa days, balayage treatments and splurging on nail art at your next mani/pedi appointment. Vibes are especially high on the 5th when the sun makes its once annual connection with Jupiter. Use this energy to release all the false narratives that keep you stuck. By the 21st, when Mercury meets up with Jupiter in your sign, you’re fully embracing your creative, poetic self. Put all those feelings into a song and let everyone hear it.

Love Horoscope: Though this month is really for gassing yourself up and not worrying about anyone else, the full moon in Virgo on the 18th is a prime time for you to fall in love. Accept any and all invitations to get out of the house and circulate around this time. Your soulmate is waiting for you at that random friend of a friend’s party.

Money Horoscope: Aries season begins on the 20th bringing you an opportunity to focus on your finances. Once Mercury enters Aries on the 27th, you get excited to examine your budgets and brainstorm simpler ways to track your spending. Use the energy while you have it to find a bookkeeper, hire an accountant or schedule an appointment with an investment expert.

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