The Only 3 Design Trends Worth Investing in This Year

Since March of 2020, life has sort of resembled a slow-melting ice cream cone on a hot summer day. Work, eat, sleep, repeat—all while social distancing. Still, we’re nothing if not resilient, and the pandemic has birthed several home trends that have brought stability, sanctuary and meaning to our lives amid times of uncertainty. Perhaps this is a silver lining we can all be thankful for (especially if you were someone who really needed to chill out pre-pandemic). Yet, as we begin to see the ‘mask-less’ light at the end of the tunnel, we find ourselves wondering, what should we hold on to, and let go of, as we move forward? We’ve done some scouring—and thinking long-term, vs. flash-in-the-pan fads that make for fun TikToks—to share our picks for the three home trends that are definitely worth investing in over the next year and beyond.

Mark Our Words, This Will Be The #1 Home Trend Of 2022

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1. Newstalgia

If there’s one home trend that’s *taking over* design right now, it’s Newstalgia: a look that juxtaposes nostalgic furnishings and decor with contemporary accents and new technologies. Here’s a quick visual: A vintage, baroque-framed gallery wall hanging perpendicular to a brand new Samsung smart TV. Aside from top-of-the-line tech, Newstalgia is all about repurposing what you already own and love, so it’s well-rooted in the core principle of timeless design. While cottagecore and coastal farmhouse trends might seem like a good idea now, it probably won’t be long before you’re cursing that sky blue sectional. Yet, when you upcycle a chair from your grandparent’s basement or invest in a statement piece from 1stDibs, you’re essentially filling your home with a personalized story that’ll never go out of style.

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Zillow’s 2022 Home Trends report deemed it “throwback home design,” and we couldn’t agree more. “Instead of replicating Granny's house, younger homeowners will find comfort in design trends they grew up with in their childhood homes but with [a] modern twist,” it concluded. It’s sentimental, yet streamlined—a look we can all get behind.

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2. Spa-like Bathrooms

Another design trend that has skyrocketed in the past few years? Mental health at home. For some, this has meant transforming a tiny pool house into a she shed. For others, it indicated a full-blown renovation that takes a run-of-the-mill bathroom and turns it into a spa-like sanctuary. We’re talking luxurious rain showerheads, hotel-quality towels and aromatherapy candles that’ll melt your troubles away. Of course, this bathroom trend was prompted by the pandemic, when people were all but losing their minds while trapped at home. Now, however, its mushroomed into a highly coveted attribute for many homebuyers who are looking to prioritize their mental health.

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According to a ​​Zillow survey, “More than half of homeowners would consider a bathroom renovation next year,” and most buyers are willing to pay extra for “spa-inspired bathroom features,” including curbless showers, heated floors and free-standing bathtubs. So, not only would creating a spa-like bathroom bring you peace and serenity in and of itself, but you can find comfort in knowing that it’ll only add to your home’s value in the long run.

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3. Going Green

No, we’re not just talking about physically painting your kitchen green (actually, if you’re planning on listing your home, you’d be better off sticking to neutrals). It’s no secret that Millenials and Gen Z are leading the way in environmental reform, so you can probably guess what their top priority is when it comes to buying a home: Eco-friendly design. “Next year and beyond, we [will] see widespread adoption of green technology in residential interiors. From smart thermostats to innovative recycled water systems, homeowners will not only be more conscious of their consumption but will also actively look to reduce their energy and water usage,” Georgie Smith and Hilary Gibbs, founders of recycled tile company LIVDEN, told FOOD52. Plus, giving your home an eco-friendly makeover is not only beneficial to the environment, it can boost your home’s resale value.

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According to Zillow’s report, “home listings with descriptions mentioning ‘eco’ and ‘energy efficient’ [sold] more than two days faster than expected” and listings that mentioned “double pane windows installed for energy conservation were associated with homes [that sold] more than a week quicker than expected.” So, if your New Year’s resolution was to go green this year, it’s absolutely worth investing in sustainable upgrades.

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