Green May Be the Hottest Color of 2021, But This Shade Is the Kiss of Death for Resale Value

If you feel like your Instagram feed has been inundated with photos of mint green kitchens, you’re not imagining things. The trend took off in 2020, and if you’ve seen Behr’s 2022 Color of the Year, Breezeway, then you know it’s not leaving anytime soon. Unfortunately, however, there’s a caveat to the mint green kitchen porn you’ve been ogling: it’ll be the kiss of death to your home’s resale value.

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The same way that painting your kitchen red is a huge no-no if you care about boosting your home's ROI (fine by us), slapping a coat of mint green paint on your kitchen’s cabinets can have an equally detrimental effect on your home’s sale price. A recent Zillow study found that homes with mint green kitchens could sell for a whopping $1,830 less than expected. The real estate company also revealed that fire-hydrant red and Pantone yellow colors were overwhelmingly unpopular in the kitchen. While some participants loved a bold color choice, the study reported that most did not and called them “gross” and “really ugly.”

Our two cents? It’s always better to keep things neutral, light and bright when you’re planning on selling your home. You want to present each room as a ‘blank canvas’ that’ll allow people to envision a space of their own. When you opt for a bold, mint green color, you run the risk of making your kitchen too trendy, too personalized or too much work for potential buyers.

So, if you’re planning on growing old in your family’s home, by all means—give your kitchen the mint green treatment. But, if you’re looking to high-tail it out of your current neighborhood, we’d suggest going with something more subtle (and by subtle, we mean white).

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