Your Monthly Horoscopes: April 2022

The astrology of April is nothing short of a fever dream—it’s years of cosmic weather packed into a brief 30 days. Like Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette, it’s a story of glamor and intrigue replete with drama, chaos and plenty of cake! The new moon in Aries on the 1st allows us to take a step back and gain clarity on what needs healing before the games really begin.

Venus moves into Pisces on the 5th where the love planet wants nothing less than a storybook romance. Gentle and soulful, this transit has us all looking at life through rose-colored glasses. Mercury glides into grounded Taurus on the 10th bringing deep thought and practice to these romantic ambitions. Perhaps our dreams really can come true.

Simply unable to catch a cosmic break—the alignment of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces on the 12th is a once-in-a-lifetime aspect which heightens creativity, intuition and delusion. Though we’ve been feeling this influence since the beginning of the year, it’s this month that it reaches its peak and leaves us all feeling like we’re floating on a cloud of inspiration (or just, intoxication). Mars then moves into Pisces on the 14th encouraging us to solve problems through compassion and co-creation. With Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Neptune all in the sign of the fish by mid-month, it’ll definitely be hard to discern fantasy from reality.

To further complicate matters, the full moon in Libra lights up the sky on the 16th. Full Moons are a moment for catharsis and release, and this one lets us embrace our desire for stronger relationships. Then on the 19th, the sun moves into Taurus, bringing some much-needed stability in these tumultuous times. Happy solar return to our adorable bulls, like Marie Antoinette star Kirsten Dunst as well as the film’s director Sofia Coppola.

The month signs off on an absolutely bonkers note. Pluto stations retrograde on the 29th as Mercury moves into chatty Gemini—suddenly, we have a whole lot of words to describe all this transformation. Then on the 30th, there’s a solar eclipse in Taurus just as Venus meets Jupiter in Pisces. This eclipse brings both pleasure and pain; it’s a wild all-nighter of a party that leaves a spectacular mess (which absolutely won’t be cleaned up until May).

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that sign may provide further insight.)

12 aries
  • New Moon (April 1): Refresh your image and style
  • Full Moon (April 16): Release unsupportive relationships and contracts
  • Solar Eclipse (April 30): Unexpected windfall or expenses
  • Other Key Dates: April 4, 14

It’s still your season, Aries, and the new moon on the 1st is an invitation to refresh your style. New age, new haircut, new you! At the same time though, you’re also feeling frustrated with the communities, friend groups and career networks that surround you. Why give so much energy to people and spaces that leave you feeling unseen or less than? As your ruling planet Mars enters dreamy, flexible Pisces on the 14th, you’re drawn to spending more time in solitude and meditation, and by the end of the month, you’re much more certain who your real friends are.

Love Horoscope: Though the full moon in Libra on the 16th lights up your partnership sector, you might find that this month is more about endings than romantic beginnings, spending more time alone and less time with your love. Use the time apart to get clear about what it is you really want.

Money Horoscope: Taurus season begins on the 19th, and with it comes eclipse season and major shakeups for your financials throughout the rest of the spring. The solar eclipse on the 30th could bring a lucky windfall or unseen expenses. Staying on top of your budgets throughout the month prepares you for any surprises.

1 taurus
  • New Moon (April 1): Initiate rest and release bad habits
  • Full Moon (April 16): Resign from burdensome responsibilities
  • Solar Eclipse (April 30): Sudden changes in identity, image or health
  • Other Key Dates: April 5, 17, 27

April begins on a quiet note for you, Taurus, and the new moon on the 1st may leave you feeling isolated. But the loneliness won’t last long. Your ruling planet Venus glides into passionate, sensitive Pisces, and your social sector on the 5th. Though it’s certainly refreshing to have a filled calendar and undivided attention from friends and lovers, all the excitement comes with so much change. It’s difficult for your fixed-earth self to manage the flux! Leaning into help from loved ones and releasing responsibilities that no longer serve you opens up the space you need to further explore your shifting self-expression.

Love Horoscope: Though it’s felt like you’ve been married to your work for the last several months, April is your chance to return to the romance that you crave. With Venus and Mars both in Pisces, you’re meeting new lovers through friends and coworkers, and being taken on lavish, creative dates.

Money Horoscope: Things out of your control—like inflated moving expenses, vet bills, and of course, gas prices—have been eating up most of your cash. Once commerce planet Mercury enters your sign on the 10th though, you’re able to get your finances back in control, and might even have fun with budgeting throughout the month.

2 gemini
  • New Moon (April 1): Refresh your social group and community relationships
  • Full Moon (April 16): Reveal your deepest desires in sex and dating
  • Solar Eclipse (April 30): Abrupt shifts might be out of your control so release expectations
  • Other Key Dates: April 2, 10, 18, 24, 29

April begins on a high note for you, Gemini. Your clearheaded brilliance solves a major problem at work or with your family’s schedule, and your social calendar is filled with parties that you actually want to attend. Things are taking off for you career-wise as well as you gain status and respect. But all this activity isn’t sustainable long term, and as your ruling planet Mercury moves into your unconscious sector on the 10th, you feel the urge to take a break. There’s a lot to uncover in solitude this month if you allow yourself enough stillness to listen.

Love Horoscope: The full moon in Libra on the 16th is an invitation for you to explore some of your deepest romantic and sexual desires. Sure, some of your friends might think what you’re into is taboo, but this sexual odyssey isn’t about them, it’s all for you.

Money Horoscope: You’ve come a long way in the last several years to get on top of your debts and taxes. So much so that some of your friends are now turning to you for financial advice. As power planet Pluto stations retrograde in your shared resources sector on the 29th, you’re further encouraged to move past a scarcity mindset, continuing to improve your financial health.

3 cancer
  • New Moon (April 1): Set intentions for your career and public image
  • Full Moon (April 16): Release family grudges
  • Solar Eclipse (April 30): Major change in your friend groups, audience, and community endeavors
  • Other Key Dates: April 2, 29

The new moon in Aries on the 1st sees you starting fresh in your career and public life, finally taking ownership of all the ways you lead by example. Whether you’re leaving the corporate world for your own business, on maternity or travel leave, or refreshing your current position, it’s time to update your email signature and notify your community about the change. Though your reputation and social life is thriving this month, you may be having a harder time managing things at home and these issues reach a climax at the full moon on the 16th. Though you don’t need to share all your private problems with friends and coworkers, it’s not a faux pas to get things off your chest.

Love Horoscope: Whether you’re dealing with moving stress or difficult in laws, there’s more pressure than usual to make things work in your relationship this month. Though passion is lacking, it’s an important time to get on the same page about shared resources. What’s yours and what’s theirs? A romantic trip could also solve a lot of your problems.

Money Horoscope: If you’ve been avoiding debt, dealing with an unemployment error, or procrastinating your tax preparation, the situation could get more complicated as irritable Mars meets discerning Saturn on the 4th. Follow up with a money savvy friend or financial advisor to make sure something this frustrating doesn’t happen again.

4 leo
  • New Moon (April 1): Renew your sense of adventure!
  • Full Moon (April 16): Evaluate your schedule and commitments and reprioritize
  • Solar Eclipse (April 30): Unexpected praise or responsibility thrust upon you
  • Other Key Dates: April 2, 12, 18, 19

Though your true time to shine comes during your own season in peak summer, Aries season is a close second as far as when you thrive. The new moon on April 1st has you excited for your next big adventure, and you spend most of the rest of the month making life changing career, social and spiritual connections. The pressure is on for you to perform so first make sure you’re taking care of your body and mind. It’s the perfect moment to reevaluate your routines and develop healthy habits that reflect this level up in your lifestyle.

Love Horoscope: The best relationships are constantly in process, but you’ve been feeling fed up with how much work it’s taking to make yours function these days. This frustration peaks as Mars meets Saturn on the 4th, after which things start to get easier. As you go through many changes in your public life, it’s important to only stay in relationships that allow you to take up space.

Money Horoscope: As your public image and reputation shifts and blossoms this month, you’re presented with quite a few offers for loans, grants and business partnerships, peaking around the 12th. As appealing as it all sounds, some of these mergers might be too good to be true so wait until you have the facts before you sign any deals.

5 virgo
  • New Moon (April 1): Refresh your shared resources and collaborations
  • Full Moon (April 16): Release worries about scarcity to embrace abundance
  • Solar Eclipse (April 30): Tumultuous change in your travel or education plans or a moment of spiritual awakening
  • Other Key Dates: April 2, 10, 18, 24, 29

Though everyone around you is celebrating the promise of spring, the new moon in Aries on the 1st has you focused on filing taxes, sorting out power dynamics and paying off debts. There’s so much joy to be found in your closest relationships this month, but you can’t throw yourself into someone else before you have your own affairs in order. The second half of the month has you reevaluating long-term goals when an unexpected opportunity for study, travel or spiritual growth throws you for a loop and changes your path. Face those skeletons hiding out in the closet so you’re not carrying excess baggage into the next phase of your life.

Love Horoscope: April is a tumultuous month for your personal growth as well as for your relationships. Whether you’re dating or in a long term committed partnership, you’re being taken on plenty of romantic adventures (particularly on the 12th and the 27th). Just be careful you’re not falling too hard for a fantasy that isn’t sustainable in your everyday life.

Money Horoscope: Your money mission this month is to get a solid handle on your debts so you can better plan for abundance in the future. Sometimes you must spend money to make money so look out for worthwhile loans that will help you create wealth in the future.

6 libra
  • New Moon (April 1): A fresh start for your relationships, contracts and commitments
  • Full Moon (April 16): Reveal a style or image shift along with releasing unhealthy habits
  • Solar Eclipse (April 30): Unexpected bills must be paid or gifts are bestowed upon you
  • Other Key Dates: April 5, 17, 27

Not everyone in your life is comfortable with how much you’ve changed over the last few years. Seeing you step into your power and the next phase of your life is intimidating for some lesser friends, and April’s astrology makes who’s really on your team absolutely clear. Your ruling planet Venus glides into Pisces on the 5th allowing you to commit even harder to healthy habits and routines while your romantic relationships are also gaining momentum. Get ready for exciting new partnerships and collaborations to improve the quality of your life.

Love Horoscope: The new moon in Aries on the 1st lets you set intentions for new relationships as you sit with the pain of failed partnerships from the past. Everyone already thinks of you as a romantic, but this month offers you the chance to become part of a power couple so don’t accept anything less.

Money Horoscope: The solar eclipse on the 30th is a reckoning for your finances, but not in the way you expect. Debts could be cleared or unforeseen expenses could hit you hard. Either way, you’re being forced to shift your relationship to shared resources and financial planning. What if instead of a loan, you asked for patronage? How would that make you more generous?

7 scorpio
  • New Moon (April 1): Starting a new job or refreshing your daily routine
  • Full Moon (April 16): Release what you can’t control
  • Solar Eclipse (April 30): Sudden changes in relationships or contracts
  • Other Key Dates: April 4, 14

Change is the only constant this month beginning with the new moon on the 1st which finds you starting a new job or committing to a daily schedule that better suits your lifestyle. This change comes with some grief as you’re leaving behind what was familiar, even if that familiarity was miserable. Pushing past this discomfort though is a powerful way to grow. Your ruling planet Mars enters uninhibited Pisces on the 14th allowing you to release some of your frustration into creative practice, romantic dates and sexual experimentation. It’s difficult for you to stop analyzing everything while it happens, but the more you let go, the happier you’ll be.

Love Horoscope: Taurus season begins on the 19th and with it comes eclipse season which, for you, brings shakeups to partnerships of all kinds. You might be surprised about who you end up in bed with at the end of this dreamy, romantic month, especially at the solar eclipse on the 30th. No one else is judging your choices, so why are you judging yourself?

Money Horoscope: While you’re busy making art, hanging with your kids, and going on amazing dates this month, you probably won’t be paying much attention to how much money you’re spending. So much so that you might be shocked when your credit card bill arrives. Mercury moves into Gemini and your shared resources sector on the 29th though, forcing you to get back on top of the financial details.

8 sagittarius
  • New Moon (April 1): A new dating adventure or creative endeavor begins!
  • Full Moon (April 16): Constant socializing has you re-evaluating your place in your friend group or community
  • Solar Eclipse (April 30): Unexpected shifts at work or in your daily schedule
  • Other Key Dates: April 12, 27

So much has already changed in your family dynamic and living situation since 2022 began. Whether you’re digging deeper into family archive research, planting your first vegetable garden or finally getting the opportunity to explore your new city, you’re spending most of this month caught up in the romantic fantasy of writing your own story. It’s going to be hard to keep your head out of the clouds, especially when Jupiter meets Neptune on the 12th. With so much pleasure being found in your private life, the draining friends and bad habits that keep you from thriving are becoming painfully clear. Stop resisting the small changes you need to make so your daily life can flow.

Love Horoscope: Whether you’re single or partnered, the new moon in Aries on the 1st provides a fresh start for your dating life. You’re discovering that you don’t need to be swept off your feet as much as you need someone willing to join you on life’s adventures. Find passion in your independence!

Money Horoscope: Taurus season begins on the 19th and usually this shift is your cue to get back into a solid daily grind. But with this year’s Taurus season bringing eclipses (particularly the solar eclipse on the 30th), you can expect shake ups at your day job. You might end the month with more responsibilities so make sure you’re being compensated for the extra workload.

  • New Moon (April 1): Set intentions for home or family for the upcoming year
  • Full Moon (April 16): Major turning point for your public image or career
  • Solar Eclipse (April 30): Delightful or confusing twist in your love life
  • Other Key Dates: April 4, 24, 29

April is the month you finally realize that you don’t have to plan an outlandish trip to satisfy your cravings, there’s so much joy to be found in your own familiar environment. As Jupiter meets up with Neptune in Pisces on the 12th, you’re falling in love with your favorite barista, finding tons of new plant babies at the local shop and discovering hidden gems in your neighborhood. As much as your career and public image is also going through growing pains right now, putting your energy into building a beautiful, settled home is what’s going to serve you best in the long run.

Love Horoscope: If you and your partner have been trying for kids then the solar eclipse on the 30th might bring an unexpected pregnancy. Taurus season in general is about pleasant surprises for you so if babies are nowhere on the agenda, this could just be shockingly good sex or a passionate first date.

Money Horoscope: Now that we’re out of the most isolated part of the pandemic, you’re finding that your social life is starting to get expensive again. Birthday dinners, wedding hotels and nights at the bar are really adding up. As Mars meets Saturn on the 4th, you hit a breaking point for how much more you can spend on going out. Though you might have to skip some social events, you’re much happier saving for the future.

10 aquarius
  • New Moon (April 1): Refresh your communications and close relationships
  • Full Moon (April 16): Turning point for education, travel or spirituality
  • Solar Eclipse (April 30): Unexpected changes at home or difficulties with family
  • Other Key Dates: April 4, 24, 29

You can’t help anyone when you’re too burned out to help yourself. The new moon on April 1st has you reaffirming your boundaries when it comes to communication. It’s OK to leave some of those exhausting group chats or to skip out on the local volunteer group that’s become less mutual aid and more weekly gossip sesh. Your sense of self-worth is flourishing right now so why keep any toxic energy drains on speed dial? Whether you’re moving house, expecting a baby or spending more time taking care of your elderly parents, your home and family dynamic is rapidly changing once Taurus season begins. Focus on your foundation.

Love Horoscope: You’ve worked hard to earn extra money this year so why not spend a bit of it on pleasure? With Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Neptune all in your money sector this month, you’re willing to take some risks on expensive dates. Treat your lover to a spa weekend or gourmet meal on the 12th or 27th. There’s nothing more erotic than having good taste.

Money Horoscope: Your finances are flourishing this month along with your sense of self-worth. Use this moment to upgrade your wardrobe, get a sleek dye job or treat yourself to an indulgent mani/pedi. Though this increased cash flow won’t last forever, it’s OK to enjoy some of its benefits now, while also putting much of it away for leaner days in the future.

11 pisces
  • New Moon (April 1): Set intentions for money and finances in the year ahead
  • Full Moon (April 16): Paying off debts and expanding collaborations
  • Solar Eclipse (April 30): Unexpected communication errors, car troubles, or a sudden getaway with a close friend
  • Other Key Dates: April 5, 12, 14, 27

It’s impossible for you to hide from the spotlight this month, Pisces. Venus joins Jupiter and Neptune in your sign on the 5th increasing your magnetism and beauty. Style and appearance updates come naturally for you at this time, but you may also find you’re getting compliments while running errands in a sweatsuit with no makeup. Work it while it lasts! Once Mars joins the party in your sign on the 14th, your flame is burning even brighter. Release some of the heat through returning to a strong fitness and self-care routine. Don’t mind the haters who are mad you’re getting so much attention. You can use this influence to make a real difference at work and in your community.

Love Horoscope: This month is all about letting yourself thrive and that being said, you should only be looking for relationships that build you up. If you’re in a situationship with someone, communications could get dicey once Taurus season begins on the 19th and the solar eclipse on the 30th might cause a total communication breakdown. On the bright side, this same influence could also bring a surprising romance with a neighbor or an old friend.

Money Horoscope: Both the new moon on the 1st and the full moon on the 16th fall in your finance houses meaning this month is a perfect opportunity to get on top of your budgets and investments. It’s time for you to take a serious look not only at your cash on hand but also at opportunities for unearned income and acquiring assets. You’re ready to cultivate an abundant future.

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Jaime Wright is an astrologer and writer based in NYC. She has been writing PureWow’s weekly and monthly horoscope columns since 2019, and also authors the cult favorite...